Saturday, 14 June 2014

Book Review: John Green

Hello everyone I'm officially back!!!

An Apology
Firstly I would like to apologize for being inactive for so long, I was sitting my GCSE'S so I really needed to concentrate on them. However I have sat them all (wooo) and I now have loads of free time so I will be able to blog.

The Fault In Our Stars

Just before Christmas practically every teenage girl was reading this and everyone said it was really good so I wanted to give it a go. It was my very first John Green book I ever read and I loved it!!! As a result I started to read more of his books.

Background Information:
Diagnosed with Thyroid cancer,Hazel Grace has been attending Support Groups which she detests. That soon changes when the gorgeous Augustus Waters arrives and they fall in love. Hazel and Augustus go on a love journey of their lifetime.
What I say: I loved the plot of this book it was amazing. Also I loved the chemistry that builds up between Hazel and 'Gus and my heart practically melts when Augustus says "I'm in love with you Hazel Grace". This book is very moving and I almost cried in certain parts (especially at the plot twist). I fully recommend this book to any teenage girl and you will love it!!!

On a different note I'm extremely excited that The Fault In Our Stars is being turned into a movie and I'm dying to see it. I think I will definitely cry if I watch it (I've seen the trailer and that nearly had me in tears).

Paper Towns 

This is my favourite John Green book by far!!!

Background Information: Margo Roth Spiegelman invites Quentin on an all night road trip of revenge and then the next day she has disappeared. She leaves clues for Quentin to go and find her and Quentin soon sets out on a road trip to find Margo once and for all.
What I Say: The story line of this book is just fabulous and it's one of the reasons I love this book so much.It was so easy to get sucked in. Throughout the whole book I'm just sat praying Quentin will eventually find Margo. I love how the story builds of of Quentin finding the clues and eventually, after graduating, going to find Margo.

Looking For Alaska

Background: Miles is sent to boarding school and when he arrives he falls for Alaska Young. Then one night tragedy strikes... Miles is left to work out exactly what happened and learn to live with the pain.
What I say: Wow!!! This was such a good book to read and I love how its splits into 2 parts of counting down the days til the tragedy strikes and then counting the days after the tragedy has struck. The chemistry between Miles and Alaska is just amazing and its soooo sad when its torn apart. This book made me laugh in places but also cry.

An Abundance of Katherines:

Background: After being dumped for the nineteenth time by a Katherine Colin sets out on a road trip with his best friend Hassan. He soon ends up in Gutshot where he meets Lindsay and works on his Theorem of relationships.
What I say: This was't one of my favourites and if in honest I found it a bit boring. I found it really hard to get absorbed into the story line and it was also quite difficult to follow.
However once I got going I slowly started to enjoy the book and Colin's adventure. I also like how Colin tried to make a theory up all about relationships and predict who would be the "Dumper" and who would end up as the "Dumpee". I also I enjoyed the ending even if it was sort of predictable.

Well these are all the John Green books I have read so far and my opinions on them. What are your favourite John Green books???