Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

With Halloween just 1 Day away (*gasp*) I thought I would blog about it.

Halloween is also know as All Hallows Eve and is a yearly celebration celebrated on the 31st October ( yes i know we all know this bit,deal with it!!) It is dedicated to the remember the dead e.g saints (hallows). So now we know why people go round dressed up as ghosts and ghoulies but where does trick or treating come into it?

Trick or Treating is a big part of Halloween (especially for children) and is said to have roots of "mumming" (AKA souling).
In Scotland and Ireland trick or treating is known as guising. Children go round houses collection food or coins and guising goes back as far as 1854 in Scotland.

If that's not enough there are even games associated with Halloween. One of the most common games is "apple bobbing". This is where apples "bob" in a large tub of water and people try and get an apple using their teeth.
Another game is where you coat scones in treacle and attach them to a broomstick with string. People then have to try and eat the scones without using their hands.

So that is a bit of background information

Have a happy Halloween everyone!!!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

20 Fun Facts about ME!!!

Hello!!! I'm excited because its half term and I go away for part of it :D. Are any of you doing anything nice? - going trick or treating?

Well today's post is quite random as it is 20 facts about me and here they are:

1. I'm called Severina
2. I have blondish hair
3. I wear braces (though they will soon be off YAY)
4. I'm a junk food addict (particularly chips) 
5. My weak spot is chocolate
6. I'm obsessed with Japan's kawaii culture
7. My favorite color is pink
8. My favorite animal is a meerkat
9. My favorite song is "Lets Go" By Calvin  Harris feat Neyo ( Its got a great tune and I LOVE the lyrics)
10. I'm secretly scared of the dark
11. I love drama ( its my favorite and number 1 subject :D)
12. I'm obsessed with Soap and Glory ( its smells amazing and is sooooo good)
13. I'm really eccentric and bubbly (if you have met me you will know this is true and its mentioned in my blog profile)
14. I have diverse fashion sense from girly to punky
15. I like baking
16. I'm terrified of spiders
17. My favorite movie is Up 
18. My favorite author is Dyan Sheldon
19.I prefer Tea instead of coffee
20. I love Christmas

So here are my 20 facts (sorry some are quite random)

Thursday, 17 October 2013


From the age of 13 I have been obsessed with the world of kawaii. Its cute and colorful. Kawaii means cute in Japanese ( hands up if you spotted I'm talking about Japanese culture here woooo) and Japan is the culture of cute.

These are the Harajuku Girls AKA 6% DokiDoki. They have such colorful and cute hairstyles ( I want) and very kawaii clothing.

This is my favorite Harajuki girl as her clothes and hair are amazing. I sooo wish I could have her hair and clothes, they are too cute!!! Also her accessories are amazing and I also want them ( you can buy them online at the 6% dokidoki store)

But kawaii doesn't stop at people- its everything. Clothes, bags, stationary, accessories, cosmetics and even food.

In Newcastle there is a shop called Toki Yoki and its very
kawaii. They sell lots of cute Japanese stationery and socks. Also they sell cute I phone case, phone charms, key rings and jewelry. They even have cute knick knacks such as cutie food cushions, bunny mirrors and lucky cat alarm clocks. Why not take a look?

Hope I have inspired all you cuties out there with the world of kawaii!!!

Monday, 7 October 2013

My Beauty Faves

For ages I have wanted a foundation and a few weeks ago I got one. As I have pale skin this one fitted the bill. Its easy to apply and gives my face a healthy glow. Also it helps to clarify the skin so not only does it give your skin a flawless coverage but helps fights spots a well!!! Defiantly worth buying 

I love mascara and needed one with a more thicker brush when I found this one, its perfect. It makes your lashes really long and gives them volume. Also as you apply it, it doesn't go clumpy.

Face care
A few months ago I went through a crisis as i wrecked my face (used a rubbish face mask from a magazine- DON'T USE FREEIBE FACE MASKS) and it was all flaky (yuccky). However while out on a shopping trip i came across the Johnsons face care. Johnsons is great for sensitive skin so i bought the face wash, face scrub and moisturizer and they work. The moisturizer is my favorite as its creamy without being to thick and really moisturizes my face. Thumbs up from me

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taylor swift perfume. It comes in a cute bottle and smells lush. Also it smells of peaches and vanilla= gorgeous combination. The soap of glory body sprays are the best and smell lovely. The Glam a lot one (purple/ grey one) has a lovely musky smell so i use this one as my everyday body spray. The mist you madly is my fave as it has such a sweet smell and OMG comes in a pink bottle. They are defiantly worth buying.