Thursday, 23 July 2015

5 Things I look forward to in a day

Hello lovelies!

5 Things I look forward to in a day

  1.  Eating: I'm a foodie so eating is definitely something I look forward to. Eating is one of my pleasures I get out of life. I love being able to eat delicious meals and there is nothing better than snacking on some food that you love (for me thats chocolate).
  2. Spending time with my family: Another thing I look forward to is spending time with my family whether its eating together at tea time or having a chat with my mum. On a weekend we sometimes watch a movie in the evening together which I love.
  3. Seeing/Talking/Hanging out with my friends: I love having a good old gossip with my friends either about my life or those irrelevant conversations. Usually I look forward to going to college mainly because I'll see my friends there. I also enjoy having a good time and a laugh with my friends as well.
  4. Going out: Strictly speaking this isn't something I do every day but I still enjoy it. I would much rather go out and be doing something than staying indoors all day. I enjoy being out in the open, there is so much to see each day!
  5. Reading: I love nothing more than reading a good book. It gives me time to escape from the hectic world for a bit. I also get really into the story and for me reading is very relaxing.

What are the 5 things you look forward to in a day?



Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Summer Staples

   I'm now officially on summer holidays, YAY!

With the weather being warm over the past couple of weeks I have loved being able to wear my summer clothes.
In this post I'm going to share with you my fashion staples for summer.

Summer Dresses

Left: Cardigan-Asda, Jumpsuit-New LooK
Middle: Cardigan-Pimkie, Dress- Metro Outlet
Right: New Look
I love wearing dresses in summer as it's warm enough to wear them. I own about 6 summer dresses but these are my favourite. The jumpsuit actually looks like a dress and I have own since I was in Year 9. I just love the delicate design on it. Also I love my 2 butterfly dresses as they are very floaty and pretty.

Cardigans and vest tops

Cardigan- New Look
Vest top- H&M
With summer some days can be super warm and others can be cooler. So another one of my "staples" is cardigans and vest tops as then I can adapt them with the weather. Also the cardigans I wear are thin and light so I'm not boiling in them. I like the designs on my cardigans as well. The one in the photo has ribbons on and another I own has hearts on, a simple way to brighten up a plain vest top.

Light Jumpers

Both from New Look

For slightly cooler days I love to wear "light" jumpers (by light I mean the material is thin). I bought these 2 in the New Look sale last year and I have loved wearing them (with a vest to underneath). I can team them up with trousers or shorts so they are perfect to mix and match.

Pretty Tops
Both from New Look
Like the jumpers, these were also bought in the New Look sale. The floral design on these tops defiantly have a summer feel to them. I either wear these with my shorts or jeggings depending on how hot it is outside.

Frilly Socks

With the weather being warm I can now show off my frilly socks. My collection of frilly socks is ever growing. I love being able to coordinate my socks to match my outfit (is that sad? I don't really care).

Sunglasses and Sandals

Sunglasses- Primark
Sandals- New Look
When I think of summer fashion staples sunglasses and sandals ,for me, are the most iconic pieces. If you read my last post you'll know how important sunglasses are to me during summer, I wouldn't get through summer without them. Also I enjoy wearing sandals and with the colour of these they go with all my summer outfits.

These are all my  summer fashion staples, what are yours?

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer: Q and A

Hello everyone!
               I apologize for not blogging in a while, I have been busy with uni open days and starting my a-levels.

As its now summer I thought I would do a summer themed Q and A.

Whats your favourite summer dress?

This is my favourite summer dress which I bought a few years ago. It has an under-dress and I like the butterfly pattern. I love the design of the dress (especially as it's longer on one side) as it's very chic. The dress has a floaty feel to it which makes it the perfect dress for summer.

  Whats your favourite summer accessory?

Sunglasses, no contest! For me sunglasses are essential during the summer as they stop me feeling ill (for me excess sun exposure can cause me to have a migraine). This means they are my favourite accessory and there is a HUGE variety of sunglasses, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Summer weather in my country

As I live in the UK the summer weather can be very temperamental! One minute it can be nice and sunny and the next it can be pouring with rain. Take last week, it was lovely and sunny the first couple of days and then the following days there were thunderstorms.

Summer Holiday Plans

This summer I don't have a lot planned but these are my plans:
  • Go to university open days
  • Hang out with my friends
  • Go on holiday
  • Celebrate my birthday

Favourite BBQ food?

When my dad cooks a BBQ my favourite food is the prawn kebabs. The prawns tasty delicious and are very juicy!

Pool or beach?

Defiantly the beach! The scenery there is just gorgeous. I love to sunbathe and read on the sand and then go swimming in the sea afterwards.

Well that's my summer Q and A, I hope you liked it