Thursday, 17 October 2013


From the age of 13 I have been obsessed with the world of kawaii. Its cute and colorful. Kawaii means cute in Japanese ( hands up if you spotted I'm talking about Japanese culture here woooo) and Japan is the culture of cute.

These are the Harajuku Girls AKA 6% DokiDoki. They have such colorful and cute hairstyles ( I want) and very kawaii clothing.

This is my favorite Harajuki girl as her clothes and hair are amazing. I sooo wish I could have her hair and clothes, they are too cute!!! Also her accessories are amazing and I also want them ( you can buy them online at the 6% dokidoki store)

But kawaii doesn't stop at people- its everything. Clothes, bags, stationary, accessories, cosmetics and even food.

In Newcastle there is a shop called Toki Yoki and its very
kawaii. They sell lots of cute Japanese stationery and socks. Also they sell cute I phone case, phone charms, key rings and jewelry. They even have cute knick knacks such as cutie food cushions, bunny mirrors and lucky cat alarm clocks. Why not take a look?

Hope I have inspired all you cuties out there with the world of kawaii!!!

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