Thursday, 29 September 2016

Lush Review: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Hello sweethearts!

I love Lush and I’m a massive fan of using body butters/lotions ect. I’ve always wanted to try Ro’s Argan body conditioner after reading about it on Sally’s blog  (and after sampling it in the shop). I was lucky to receive a small pot of it in a gift box from my very good friend.

Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on this product and whether or not it lived up to my expectations.

This particular lush product is a body conditioner and it acts like a shower gel and body butter all in one product. You can use it in the shower, however I use it after the shower.

Ro’s Argan body conditioner contains products such as argan oil and cocoa, all of these are really good for your skin. It has a delicate, rose scent, which reminds me of Lush’s old shower gel, Rose Jam (I think this product might also be the body butter version of Rose Jam).

I love this product and it certainly didn’t disappoint me! It’s got a lovely rich and velvety texture and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. Even better the lovely rose scent lasts all day.

The only slight criticisms I would give this product is that if you apply too much of the product it will leave your skin feeling greasy. Another problem is that it’s really pricey for a full sized tub (£16.50), so make sure you definitely want it before you buy it.

My lovely friend Alice has been doing lots of Lush product reviews recently and I would recommend you check them out! (Plus Alice’s blog is fabulous anyway)

Have you tried Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner? What’s your favourite Lush product?

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Lets talk about mental health #4: Social Stigma

Hi everyone!

I'm now into my second week of university and I'm still really enjoying myself. My seminars/ lectures started this week and I've enjoyed getting back into a routine.

I'm still carrying on my "Lets talk about mental health" series, this time Beth is talking about mental health and social stigma.

Lets talk about mental health #4: Social Stigma

For this post, I interviewed the lovely Beth.  Beth runs her own blog as well (which you should all read!) and she does brilliant job of talking about mental health on there!

Here are Beth's answers to the questions I asked her:

Do you think there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health?

I do! I think that stigma regarding things like anxiety and depression is reducing as we are becoming more comfortable about opening up and talking about these kinds of mental health issues, but I know it's still there and is much worse with other disorders too.

Why do you think there is stigma surrounding mental health?

People are scared of things they don't understand. When they think of mental health issues, they think of the stories of "psychopaths" going on killing rampages. There isn't enough education on mental illness; some people suffering don't even know what's going on! If we were able to fully and openly talk about the issues we're facing, other people would learn more and hopefully be more understanding. There's a misunderstanding about how common things like anxiety and depression are which also leads to a stigma about people "doing it for attention". I think the reality of differences within mental health is an afterthought for people; I've watched my own family members laugh and mock a woman on one of those "Obsessive Cleaners" shows for bleaching her floor twice a day and pointed out that she is probably suffering from compulsions she wishes she didn't have. They didn't ever consider it from that perspective.

*Photo from Google Images*

Do you believe mental health problems are stereotyped?

Yes I do! People think that you can't be depressed if you're not lying in bed crying, that you can't have anxiety if you're able to work in customer facing roles. There's all these stipulations people expect you to meet which can make the problem even worse. I went to counselling to talk about my anxiety and because it manifests in some ways that are unique to me, I convinced myself that the counsellor would think I was making things up for attention. There's also the fact that things like anxiety are stereotyped as a 'trend' for teenage girls to get attention and pity online, or that self harm is for 'goths'. It's really damaging.

What do you think are the most common stereotypes of mental health, why?

That if you suffer from a mental illness you are violent and dangerous, either to yourself or others - the media feeds us this idea by splashing stories about criminals over the front page and highlighting mental conditions.
That because you struggle with some aspects of life you are overall incompetent.
That you can snap yourself out of it with fresh air and exercise - while I do think both these things give a mood boost there's no way they can fix every problem.
People would never blame a physically ill person for their illness, but think it's acceptable to tell mentally ill people that it's their fault, or they can fix it themselves. I think this again is to do with a lack of education, and a fear of difference. There's still a lot of shame around mental illness, and people don't want to get too deep into conversations about it, so they can't really learn what it's like.

If any of you would like to take part, please let me know!

Do you believe there is still stigma surrounding mental health?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

University Stationary Haul

Hi lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been really busy lately as I’ve now STARTED university! I’ve been here 3 days already and I’m loving it! I’ve made some great friends already and my flatmates are all really lovely people (my flatmates wanted to see if I had written anything about them on my blog yet and now I have, you’re welcome guys!)

One of the exciting parts about university is buying everything you need to take with you, particularly stationary. I love stationary shopping as I love being able to pick out the cutest pieces of stationary.
Here’s the stationary I’ve bought for university, hopefully this will help you if you’re starting university and are unsure of what stationary to buy.

Pens, pencils, fineliners, highlighters

Pens and pencils are the basics of stationary as everyone needs and uses them. It’s really helpful when you need to take notes down during lectures or need to draw diagrams. Highlighters help key information to stand out and also it they make revision/ notes look far prettier. I love fine liners as they make my notes far prettier, plus I’m more likely to re-read them if they are multi- coloured.

Pencil case

I obviously need somewhere to store all my pens, pencils ect so a pencil case is super helpful to stop them being loose in my bag. I’d had my eye on this pencil case for a while and eventually bought it (it amuses me and it’s in my favourite colour pink!)

Note pads and notebook

I was very lucky and managed to get these notepads on offer at Tesco for £1.50. I’m a bit picky with notepads as I need them to last me a while so I choose Pukka Pads. I think the Pukka pads are really good quality notepads and won’t fall apart easily (plus I HAD to get them in pink and purple as they are my favourite colours!)

I also bought a mini notebook from The Works as I’ll be going on placement throughout my course. This will help me to jot down notes from when I’ve been observing and will also give me idea’s for when I begin to teach classes on my own.

Palgrave’s Student Planner

I did have another planner but then I decided to buy this one from Waterstones as it’s super helpful. It’s really useful for helping me become organised and writing down everything I need to remember (such as assignment deadline dates). This planner also contains additional useful information such as useful websites, contacts and mini recipes.

Folders, file dividers and plastic wallets

I need somewhere to keep all my loose sheets and pieces of paper safe so folders really help. I’ve bought several folders so I can use one for each module. I also bought file dividers to help me divide my files into topics as well and help me keep my files organised. 


I’ve also bought other bits and pieces of stationary as A) I’m training to be a teacher and when I go on placement I need to carry a “Teachers Toolkit” and B) University won’t provide them. I thought I’d be safe and buy every bit of stationary you could possibly own so I have a good supply and have everything I need for university.

I hope this post has helped you if you are wondering what stationary to buy and take to university.

What stationary would you take to university?

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Restaurant Review: Bryon

Hi honeybunches!

Today I thought I’d do something I’ve never done on my blog… write a review on a restaurant I’ve been to! The restaurant I’m going to be writing about is Byron and I’ve eaten there a total of 5 times now!

The décor of the restaurant always reminds me a bit of an American diner and you can often see from where you’re sitting the chefs cooking the food. In one Byron restaurant we ate at they had pictures of the Byron family and my dad and his finds were in fits of laughter googling them.

Byron is a burger restaurant which does proper hamburgers. When you order your burger you can choose how well cooked you want your burger (I always go for well done as I like my meat to be properly cooked). Byron even does veggie burgers! Depending on the season, they always have a “special burger” which is exclusive to that season (Byron’s current special is the B and A). However they don’t just do burgers, they also do salads and you can have burgers without a bun (AKA a skinny burger). As well as the mains there is also a good selection of sides to choose from.

Every time I’ve been to Byron, I’ve never been disappointed as the food there is always well cooked, tasty and the staff are always really friendly, for example the first time we ate at Byron was when there were 16 of us and we couldn’t fit in the first restaurant so the staff found us a sister restaurant which could seat us all.

Whenever me and my family go to Byron we always order nachos to start, which have sour cream, salsa and guacamole on them and we always enjoy them (my favourite is the sour cream dip, as I love sour cream and nachos!). They don’t just do nachos for starters, they also do buffalo chicken wings and olives. The last time me and my family ate at Byron we also ordered buffalo chicken wings for starters . They had a bit of heat to them but were very tasty to eat!

For the main I always the classic burger (AKA your typical hamburger) and a side of French fries. Whilst the burger I have is fairly simple it is always well cooked and tastes delicious. 

In fact me and my family enjoy eating at Byron so much, my brother received a Byron cookbook for his birthday and he has started to cook meals from the book.

If you are ever wanting to eat at a burger restaurant, I would recommend Byron to you! Have you ever eaten at Byron before?

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Blogger Collab: University Worries


Today I'm doing my first ever collab post on my blog (YAY). 
Me and my lovely blogger friend Steph are both going to university in September. Whilst we are both excited to start the next part of our life, we also have quite a few worries about starting university.
We decided to share our worries, not only to give advice to each other but to also help others who are starting university this year.

Making friends: For me, this is my biggest worry about starting university. With previously being bullied I’m not as confident with making friends as I used to be. In fact I get really nervous about making new friends as with having a bubbly personality I’m frightened that people won’t like me for who I am and that I’ll just end up annoying them (basically what I was bullied for). Also, with talking to new people for the first time I panic if I can’t keep the conversation going and I end up feeling stupid and awkward. I’m fine once I’ve made friends, I’m really chatty and I’m myself, however until that point the thought of making new friends is daunting.

Steph’s Advice: The long lasting effect bullying can have is often underestimated. Yes, everyone is worried about making friends, but living in fear that people won’t accept you for you is a horrible fear and one that the bullies should not be able to hold over you. Whilst it’s easier said than done, time and experience will help improve your mindset and belief in yourself so that you’ll learn just how lovely you are. If someone doesn’t take the time to get to see that, then stuff ‘em, they aren’t worth it! In a uni environment, there are so many people that you’re bound to find a nice group of friends, worthy of your time and that love you for you. When and where you can, have faith in yourself; a bubbly personality is nothing to be ashamed of (not the best choice of words but the only ones that I could pick that conveyed the right sort of meaning), in fact it’s a lovely trait to have. Embrace your personality and your individuality and own it!

Money: A few weeks ago I received my student loan and I was shocked at how much money I have to last me the year (that was partly due to I expected to get a bit more than I did and my accommodation costs more than my loan for the year- However my parents are going to help with paying for accommodation). I’ve always been a shopaholic and as soon as I receive money I have a tendency to spend it straight away, so this gave me a wake up call. I realise I now need to budget my money and I’ll also need to get a part time job to keep me going. However I’m still anxious that I’ll run out of money.

Steph’s Advice:
A worry that so many uni students face and unfortunately, a lot of people end up in the position where their loan doesn’t even cover their accommodation. If you are able to get help from parents then this can make the process of budgeting a lot easier although getting a part time job is still a very worthwhile, and sometimes essential, feature. My plan for budgeting is to have my student loan paid into one account and then pay myself weekly into my other account so that I control the amount of money I have available to spend each week, and limit the chance of needing to use my overdraft or of running out before the term is up. I’m also giving myself a budget lower than my loan allows so that if I need a bit more occasionally, I have some available, without going into another weeks allowance. By doing it weekly, I’ll be able to budget my food bill, travel expenses and then know what extra I have for socialising and shopping. I highly suggest trying this method and although I haven’t been able to try it myself yet, it seems like the option that is most likely to get me through uni, without a pile of money issues through out and at the end. My big advice in handling money through uni is to avoid using an overdraft at all costs if possible! Yes it may seem like extra, free money and a way of getting you out of money problems but it often causes more problems than it solves for uni and can mean you have a lot of money to pay off in the early years of life after uni.

Becoming independent: Up until moving to university I’ve always been quite dependent on my parents so moving away and learning to become independent scares me slightly. I can do basic chores, I know how to iron clothes and I’ve started to learn how to cook (however I’ve got no idea how to use the washing machine – unless my mum tells me what settings the clothes need to go on). I know that becoming fully independent is going to take some time getting used to and adjusting to.

Steph’s Advice: Finding your independence of course comes with time but it’s something we’re bound to be worried about. For so long, we’ve had people showing us the way and helping us with any and everything, saving us from doing many tasks. This then means when we do move out, we suddenly have a lot to learn and handle. You’re ability to do chores and general looking after yourself will develop and after a few inevitable mistakes, you’ll soon learn how to do all the things that seem overwhelming now. A solution on the cooking front, is to get some recipe ideas of things you love from your parents and write them in a notebook to take with you, maybe practise at home a couple of times if you get chance before you move. Another option is to purchase a student recipe book, I recommend the Nosh student books, I’ve recommended them to so many people and everyone seems almost as impressed as myself (though that’s a tough feat). They do a few options including vegetarian and not only show the recipe, prep time, serving size etc… but also the cost of the meal, weekly meal planners, shopping lists and lots of other things to help you in the kitchen. As for washing, I’m in a similar position but my plan is to go and check it out with my mum the day I move in, and she can explain how I use those particular machines so that I can make a note ready to refer to as and when I need it.

My mental health: I suffer from anxiety and with moving away from home I’m worried it’s going to trigger my anxiety (being in an unfamiliar surrounding without my friends and family can often lead to me having an anxiety attack). I’m also worried about who I’m going to talk at university if my anxiety becomes bad. I know universities now offer support for mental health but it’s finding someone I can trust and who’ll support me is the worry, especially as it takes me a while to build up my trust to talk to someone about my mental health. Also, at university these people will have never met me before and won’t know what I’m like as a person. Whilst I’ve been living at home I’ve had my parents to talk to and when I had bad spells at college I could always go and talk to my trusted teachers about how I’m feeling and they know what I’m like as a person as they’ve known me for a long time. So I’m basically worried about who I can turn to for support if I have bad days with anxiety (which aren’t that common) but I still need a bit of support and reassurance when they do happen.

Steph’s Advice: Moving to a new environment with a bunch of new people can cause feelings of anxiety for anyone, so for those who struggle with it on a regular basis, it’s no wonder they’re concerned about the possibility of it occurring and not feeling as though they have the people around them to help them get through it. This is not the case and whilst it’s easier to hear than actually believe yourself, there are people around that can help you. There are support systems in place, so if you make a visit to someone in the first week, you can explain your situation and familiarise yourself with them, should you feel like you need someone in the future. This way, you don’t have to go through it all during the time that things do get particularly difficult. You will also be able to contact family back home who will do all they can from where they are in order to make it as easy as they can for you. Knowing this, might help put you at ease even if they aren’t beside you. Furthermore, there is always help available online either through helplines, websites or online friends, so you can turn to one of them in a time of need.

I hope this post has reassured anyone who might feel anxious about starting university. I loved doing a collab post with Steph and you should check out Steph's post HERE. You should also check out Steph's blog anyway because she's lovely, a good friend of mine and I always enjoy reading her blog.

What are your worries about starting university?

Monday, 5 September 2016

Lets talk about mental health #3: OCD


With my "Lets talk about mental health series" I've asked bloggers to share their personal experiences with mental health, in order to raise awareness of what it's like living/ experiencing mental health problems.

*Trigger warning: OCD*

Lets talk about mental health #3: Nicole's experience with OCD

Nicole is one of my very good blogger friends and I'm a regular reader of her blog. Nicole does a brilliant job of raising awareness of mental health and OCD on her own blog (NICOLE'S BLOG: Nicole is such a lovely, friendly and incredibly strong person and I'm so proud of her with everything that she does (especially having the courage to talk openly about OCD on her blog).

Here's how Nicole has experienced OCD and how it's affected her:

If I asked you if you had heard of OCD, most people would say yes. If I asked you to explain it to me, this is where most of you would trip up. Due to the way that media portrays OCD most people who have not experienced OCD first-hand have very stereotypical and misinformed ideas of what OCD actually is.

"Oh, it's that thing where people like to wash their hands a lot." Or " Oh yeah I am heard of OCD, it's about being super neat and tidy, yeah I know lots of people who have it."

Or even “I’m so OCD because I have to double check my door before I leave the house" NO! Just no! None of these things correctly identifies what OCD really is. Instead of boring you to death with a list of examples and facts about OCD, here is my OCD experience. Which will hopefully give you a more realistic understanding of what living with OCD is really like. 

*photo from Google Images*
Although I was only officially diagnosed with OCD in June this year, I have performed compulsive behaviour ever since I was a child. I used to ask my mum every night if the smoke detector was turned on and if the doors were locked. I went around obsessively checking for cracks and mould in the house in the fear if I didn't the house would fall down, and it would be my fault. I compulsively kept my fingers and toes crossed at all times in fear that if I didn't bad things would happen. This was not the normal kind of Behaviour for an 8, 9 or 10-year-old. I managed to grow out of it eventually, but it never went away really.

I have always been a highly anxious child, I worried about everything and everyone. But this year, I took this worrying to a whole new level. A lot happened all at once. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. At the end of March and beginning of April, I had the worst few weeks of my life, and I had no idea how to cope. The nursery I worked at, had an outbreak of norovirus which if you have Emetophobia (an intense fear of being sick) is pretty stressful. My mum then became very ill and spent a week or so in the hospital. I went back to college after the Easter break to find that we went from having four teachers down to one. Two left, and one was looking after her ill husband.

The whole course just went into meltdown. I had no idea how to cope. On the outside, I was actually seemingly doing very well. I was up to date with my assignments, knew all the due dates and seemed pretty calm. The rest of class didn't share my apparent relaxed attitude to the crisis. They realised that I was doing okay, and they weren't. They all turned against me. They made me feel alone, isolated, segregated, frightened and very lonely. They intimidated me and went against me. I started to work outside the class, but I just needed to be at home so I finished the rest of the year studying at home.

While this was going on, I didn't react how I would normally do. I didn't cry. I didn't make it out to be a big deal. Instead, I took all the emotion out on my hands; I started performing compulsive hand washing. I became obsessed with contamination, germs and bacteria. I started avoiding touching door handles or any kind of surface for that matter. I always wore long sleeves even if it was hot to cover my hands. I washed my hands over and over again even if I hadn't touched anything. I burnt, Scratched and scrubbed at my hands till they were bleeding, dry and very sore.

I used hand sanitizer excessively. I stopped touching people around me. I wouldn't hug or kiss my mum anymore. I started to wash my hands in diluted bleach and then I used neat bleach. Multiple times a day. I hoarded empty hand sanitizers in the fear that if I throw one away, I will be sick. I started to eat all my meals with a plastic knife, fork and spoon.

I've been to the doctors and seen therapists numerous times already. I was put on antidepressants and signed up to an OCD group therapy six-week course. OCD affects so many areas of my life which most people wouldn't even think of. Do you know how embarrassing it is to eat crisps with a spoon in public? Or to have people stare at you in the bathroom as you wash your hands over and over again? Or how annoying it is to ruin your clothes because of this overwhelming urge to pour neat bleach over your hands?

OCD is a horrible beast. And people still want to claim to have it, to say they are neat? OCD leaves me exhausted every day, stressed and lonely. I can't do the things I want to. I can't learn to drive, make lots of friends and go out to parties. I'm a recluse in my bedroom. Hiding away from the world, praying for the day when I can face the world without these bullying voices in my head.

You may be wondering why this is the last paragraph. Where is the happy ending? The optimistic conclusion? Well, there isn't one! I'm very sorry. You see the thing with OCD or any mental illness for that matter, is the true unpredictably of it. You can have the best few days of your life, making so much progress and then you crash. I can't tell you that I'm in a good place right now because well I'm not. My mental health is very unstable. Actually, as I write this OCD made me have two showers in a row today all because I didn't turn the taps off with a flannel. I'm looking forward to starting my OCD course; I hope it will be very helpful for me. At the moment I just take every day as it comes. I don't know if my OCD is going to get better or worse. I don't know what sort of day I am going to have tomorrow let alone in a months’ time.

OCD won't beat me. OCD won't define me. I am strong, and I will come out on top! Thank you so much Sev for letting me be part of her mental health series, it was a privilege.

I hope Nicole's story has given you an insight and taught you what it's like to live with OCD.

Whilst I'm on the subject of mental health, the lovely Hannah from Little Thoughts has recently started a twitter chat about mental health, which I'm so proud of her for doing. The twitter chat is called #TalkMH and is every thursday evening at 8:30pm. I really recommend you join in with the chat.

Thank you for reading this post! If you want to talk part in my "Lets talk about mental health project" then please let me know! 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Review: Benefit Roller Lash mascara

Hello lovelies!

For ages Benefit’s cult mascara was the famous “They’re Real” Mascara, until a year ago when Benefit introduced the Roller Lash Mascara. The Roller Lash Mascara then became Benefit’s newest cult mascara and there was so much hype surrounding this product!

The other day I was in Boots and I picked up a mini version of this mascara for about £10 and I was really excited to try this mascara out, as I’ve wanted it for ages. Here’s my review on the mascara!


According to Benefit, this mascara is inspired by hair rollers, even the lid of the mascara looks a bit like a hair roller! This mascara is supposed to have the same curling effect on your eyelashes that hair rollers have on your hair.

The wand itself is a “Hook and Roll” wand which is designed lift and curl the lashes as the product is applied, giving your eyes a dramatic and eye opening look.

The Roller Lash mascara is made from B5 and serin, which are supposed to be great for conditioning your lashes.

My thoughts:

Firstly, I loved the packaging of this product as it looked really classy. The packaging is made out of pink cardboard with the text in black, there is even silver sparkles down one side of the packaging!

As soon as I applied the mascara I fell in love with this product. I only need to apply a little bit and it instantly gives my lashes lots of length and volume. I definitely noticed how much more uplifted and curled my eyelashes had become once put the mascara on

The wand is flexible which makes it easier to apply the mascara. Whilst this has a fairly wet formula, it doesn’t smudge and best of all it leaves your lashes free from clumps! This also helped making the mascara really easy to apply.

I loved the overall finish the mascara gave my lashes as they looked so much longer and gave me that “wide eyed” look.

If you are looking for a new mascara I would definitely recommend this mascara to you (it’s now one of my favourite mascaras!) Have you tried the Roller Lash mascara, what are your thoughts on this product?

Saturday, 3 September 2016

A trip to the Cotswolds

Hi there!
The past few days I’ve been on holiday and I went to the Cotswolds! The Cotswolds are located in Southern England and is the most stunning part of the countryside in the whole of England. I thought I would share with you what I got up to whilst I stayed in the Cotswolds.

Places we visited

Cambridge: Not part of the Cotswolds but on our way down we had a day in Cambridge, which I’ve never visited before. I really enjoyed visiting Cambridge as I got to see quite a few of the different university colleges. There were also lots of different shops to explore, including independent and one of a kind shops (perfect for a shopaholic like me!) Whilst we didn’t do this, if you get the chance to visit Cambridge you can go punting on the river there.

Biddestone (AKA Carsley): Although this is a tiny village within the Cotswolds, I was really excited to visit Biddestone. The reason for this is where the TV Series and Film “Agatha Raisin” was filmed. Agatha Raisin is also is a book series and within the books and TV series Biddestone is called “Carsley”. It was really exiting walking round the village and pointing out all the buildings we had seen on TV, I even got to see the cottage which is Agatha’s home in the TV series.

Broadway: This was probably one of my favourite villages I visited whilst in the Cotswolds. Broadway is so pretty and is filled with lots of independent shops. There is even a little shopping arcade. I really enjoyed looking round Broadway and doing a bit of shopping there.

Bath: We were less than an hour away from Bath, so we had a day trip to Bath. There is so much to see and do in Bath, as there are lots of shops and museums. We visited the Royal Cresent, the postal museum, the fashion museum (post about this will be coming shortly!) as well as all the shops. If you are staying in the Cotswolds then I recommend taking a day trip to Bath.

Bourton on the water: We visited Bourton on the water the last time we came to the Cotswolds so I was happy to be visiting this village once again. Bourton on the water is another pretty village which has a stream running through the centre and lots of shops to look at. However most of the shops were shut by the time we got there as we arrived in the evening, but we still enjoyed our walk around the village.

Cirencester: I loved visiting Cirencester, it was such a stunning little village. Cirencester is a market village within the Cotswolds and is often referred to as the “capital of the Cotswolds”. There were lots of quirky shops to explore (I spent a bit there!) which were all perfect for me! Even though we didn’t do this, you can explore the church and museums whilst visiting Cirencester.

Stow (AKA Stow on the Wold): This is also another village which was used to film Agatha Raisin and we also visited Stow the last time we came to the Cotswolds. There are lots of different shops in Stow, however like bourton on the water, it was evening when we arrived so a lot of the shops were closing for the night.

Oxford: Again, not part of the Cotswolds but on the way home we wanted to spend the day looking round Oxford before going home. The first time I visited Oxford was in the summer holidays and I have now visited Oxford 3 times! (shows how much me and my family love to look round Oxford). Oxford is similar to Cambridge in a way as you can see all the university colleges there. It’s also a great place to shop as there is a huge range of shops within Oxford.

During our stay in the Cotswolds there was also a special occasion (MY BIRTHDAY!). For my birthday we had afternoon tea in Barnsley Spa and it was heaven! Barnsley spa is gorgeous and the food there was so delicious (I had a Pimms afternoon tea). The staff were so friendly and I was stunned (in a good way!) at how fabulous it was there. If you fancy a treat/ want to feel posh, I 100% recommend going to Barnsley Spa for afternoon tea.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to the Cotswolds. Have you
ever visited the Cotswolds before?

Friday, 2 September 2016

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello lovelies!

It's now September! For me, this is a month of a fresh start, new opportunities and hopefully great times. 

The other day I was tagged by the lovely Courtney (BLOG LINK: to do the Vertsatile Blogger Award (Thank you for my nomination!). The idea of this blog award is to get to know bloggers more!

*Photo from Google Images*

The rules
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share the award on your blog
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they've been nominated

7 random facts about me

  1. I hate milk on my cereal- I find it disgusting as I can't stand soggy cereal
  2. I like to wear odd socks- Several years ago my mum said "There's always an odd sock with you" and since then I've always wore odd socks
  3. I have a small scar on my right knee- I smashed a lightbulb in my room and my knee got cut (fortunately there was no glass in my knee!)
  4. One of my favourite places in Scotland is the Isle of Mull- I've visited the Isle of Mull for years now and it's so beautiful there. Plus it's home to Tobermory (AKA Balermory), so that's another reason to visit
  5. I have a fear of heights- I always get scared whenever I'm really high up. However I overcame this fear when I visited Paris and climbed to the 2nd stage of the Effiel tower
  6. My favourite colour is Pink- Hence why my blog is so pink!
  7. When I went to see "An Inspector Calls" in January the "Inspector" came to our box, lent right over me and delivered part of his lines from the box. It was cross between scary and embarrassing as it was a trip with Drama and everyone (including the teachers) found it hilarious!



Thank you for reading!