Thursday, 31 July 2014

1 Year of Blogging!!!

Hello Sweethearts,
                 Today is a very special day as my blog has been running for a year!!!

Over the year my blog has changed so much. 
At first my blog was called "Life in Pink" and looked very simple. A couple of months into blogging I decided to change the name to Sweet Strawberries and change the background. Over the year I added additional pages to my blog and made a header.
 This time last year I was writing my very first blog post (exciting times) which was "what I love about summer". After a year of blogging I have learnt so much about the blogging world and how to write blog posts. 
When I first started I was a bit nervous as I didn't know what to write about but I gradually found inspiration and became more confident. 
Also with blogging I have discovered some amazing blogs which I just love reading and they have given me very useful tips. 
Blogging has definitely become a hobby of mine and one of which I enjoy.
I love to blog about my life,make tutorials, do reviews and share some handy hints.
Thank you to everyone who had read and commented on my blog. I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog and continue reading it


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Shopping Haul

Hello my lovelies!
                  With not being at school I have tons of free time so yesterday me and my friend went to the Metro Centre for a spot of shopping.

My haul from shopping

      Toiletry Bag-Primark                      
When I was clearing out my room my mum threw away my old toiletry bag and I needed a new one since I'm going on holiday soon. I spotted this one in Primark and it's perfect. It's big enough to fit in all my toiletries and the pattern on the bag is very cute.

My Sandals for last year where completely worn out and had to be binned so it was time to buy some new ones. I don't like sandals with toe separators( like a flip flop) because it rubs my toes raw. I saw these ones and they were perfect. The material is lovely and soft so they will be easy to break into and comfortable to wear. Also the colour is a neutral shade so it will go with any outfit.

Lollipop Shower Gel- Primark
While in the queue in Primark I spotted this mini bottle of shower gel and after sniffing it( it smells like sweets) I decided it would be perfect for my holiday. I don't want to take a massive bottle of shower gel because it would take up too much space so this one is just the right size for me to take on holiday.

Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel-Superdrug
On previous shopping trips I had spotted this shower gel before and I loved the smell of it( this one also smells of sweets) but never got round to buying a bottle. So this time round I made sure I wasn't going home without purchasing one.

I love Strawberries and cream bubble bath and body cream-Superdrug
I had run out of bubble bath so it was time to purchase some more. I love fruity and sweet smelling bubble baths and I spotted this one and it was perfect for me (and its pink so that's an added bonus). Also there was a deal on the I Love products for "buy one get one half price" so I picked up some body butter as well and it smells so yummy.

Pearl Deodorant- Body Care
Deodorant, not the most exciting thing to buy and talk about I know. However my other deodorant is beginning to run out and it's also in a big bottle so I needed a new and smaller one for my holiday. I like the smell of this one and it comes in just the right size bottle to take on holiday so I purchased it.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


     Confidence is something some of seem to have bags of while some of us can lack confidence. It comes from within us and people with confidence are the happiest and it is true beauty. Here are some tips on being confident.

In order to be confident you need a wipe out the following things from your life as they can destroy it:
  • Doubting yourself
  • Negativity
  • Criticizing yourself
  • Negative self talk
  • Caring what people think about you (although you should care just a tiny bit) 
These are all things you need to get over in order to be confident. It might seem tough but you can do it.
If all else fails then...

Now for some confidence boosting tips:
  • Walk with your head held high and your shoulders back.This instantly gives people the impression you are a confident person even if you don't feel like 
  • Smile- Smiling will help relax you and people will see you as a friendly person because sometimes lacking confidence can be seen as being unfriendly
  • Prepare yourself for the situation- Maybe its going to a party or your about to perform on stage. Whatever the situation is make sure you are prepared as this will help to to feel less nervous
  • Believe in yourself- out of all the other tips this is probably the most important one. Believing in yourself is the key to being confident. If you believe in yourself other people will as well.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Seeing the Tour de France

    Last weekend was a very exciting weekend for me as me and my family went to see the Tour de France both on Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday we went to a village named Reeth in the Yorkshire Moors to see the Tour de France. We arrived at about 7am and got bacon sandwiches from a stall. We then walked up a hill and found a good spot to see the Tour de France come past. At 1pm the caravan came through. The caravan is a parade of vehicles that drive past and some of the hand out gifts.
Here are some photo's I took of the Caravan

These are all the gifts I got from the caravan

Then at about 3pm the Tour de France came past and it was very exciting clapping and cheering the cyclists on.

Here is a photo I managed to get of the cyclists

On Sunday we went to York to see the Tour de France again. Again we arrived at 7am and then waited for the Tour de France to come past. It was more exciting waiting for the Tour de France here because the security kept us entertained. At one point they even got us to do a massive mexican wave. Then at 9am the caravan came through again and I got some more gifts. At 11am the Tour de France zoomed past us. We had a very good spot as we were right on a corner.

Overall I loved seeing the Tour de France and it was a once in a life time opportunity.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Grease: Film Reviw

     With not being at school now (YAY) I have a lot of time on my hands so yesterday I decided to watch Grease and I loved it.
Here is what happens in Grease and my opinion on the film

The Main Characters
Within Grease there are two main characters which are Danny and Sandy. However there are also two main groups in Grease which are the pink ladies and the thunder birds

The Thunder birds

The Thunder birds is made up of a group of 5 boys with Danny as there leader- in the end the thunder birds all end up with a pink lady as their girlfriend.

The Pink Ladies
The Pink Ladies are made of 3 girls (Jan,Rizzo and Frenchy) and they befriend Sandy. French is the nicest of the pink ladies and is the kindest towards Sandy. Rizzo,on the other hand,finds Sandy too much of a goody goody two shoes and isn't very kind towards her.

Danny and Sandy met at a beach in Summer and fall in love. However Sandy is going to Australia and is worried she will never see him again. She then goes to Rydell High and,with a surprise reunion by Rizzo, she meets Danny again. However he tries to maintain his bad boy attitude and ends up hurting Sandy. However Sandy and Danny eventually become reunited again.

My Opinion:
I loved this film and the story line was really good. I also loved all the songs of this film as they are very lively and catchy. The 2 groups are really cool and I love how the Thunder Birds all end up with a Pink Lady as their girlfriend. 

Well I hope you get to watch Grease and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


     Last night was a very special and exciting night as it was my prom.

My prom ticket

What I wore

Clutch Bag-Karizma

Me in my prom dress (Karizma)

My mum very kindly did my hair and make up for me and she did a brilliant job. I also got my nails professionally done.

My Prom was at Gisborough Hall Hotel which was a gorgeous building in the countryside. When I arrived I met up with my friends and we took photos and I had a professional photo taken. There were also waiters and waitresses that came around which trays of orange juice in champagne glasses (Yes I had a glass and it was lovely) and trays of strawberries dipped in chocolate ( again I had a strawberry and it tasted divine)

Me and my girls

My best friends

At 8pm we went inside and were seated ready to have our meal. On are table there were jugs of iced tea and pineapple juice and bottles of sparkling water. I don't like sparkling water so I tried a bit of iced tea(surprisingly it was quite nice). However I mainly stuck with the pineapple juice 

The Menu
Starter: carrot and honey soup with a bread roll(I was surprised by the soup as it actually tasted quite nice)

Main Course: chicken,grain mustard mashed potato,roasted carrots and beans with gravy( I loved the chicken and the vegetables but I didn't enjoy the mashed potato at all)

Dessert: chocolate tart with cream and raspberry sauce ( the dessert was very yummy and I enjoyed it but I could't get through all of my tart as the chocolate was quite rich)

Now the most exciting part of the night...
After our meal we went to the dance floor and danced until prom ended and it was so much fun. I danced with all my friends. We danced to all the cheesy songs like YMCA, the cha cha slide and the Macarena which even the teachers joined in with us. At one point we, including the teachers, did a massive conga all around the room and it was loads of fun. Everyone danced and I had a great time.

For me Prom was one of the best nights of my life that I will always remember and I wish I could relive every moment of it!