Saturday, 25 June 2016

Current Beauty Favourites

Hi everyone!

Over the past month I've been trying out a few new beauty products and I’m LOVING them!

Here are my current beauty favourites:

Superdrug Facial Cleansing Brush

I’ve seen several bloggers rave on about how cleansing brushes are amazing so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. However I know the electric ones can be expensive so I picked up a cheap one from Superdrug. I now understand the hype because my cleansing brush has transformed my skincare routine, WHY DIDN’T I DISCOVER THEM EARLIER? The bristles are super soft and it foams my face soap into a beautiful lather (I brush my face in circular motions). My face is left feeling super soft and clean every time I use my cleansing brush, it’s my saving grace. If you don’t have one already, you seriously need to invest in one (and I’ve found that cheap ones work really well!)

Argan Hair oil

Firstly I love the smell of this hair oil, it reminds me of summer. I use a little bit of hair oil every couple of days and I apply it after washing my hair. It leaves my hair feeling super soft, silky and shiny. Plus it makes my hair smell amazing!

Nivea Cocoa Butter

I LOVE cocoa butter! I found a huge bottle of this in Savers for less than £2, BINGO! Cocoa butter is another product that is hyped up and I can see why! Cocoa butter is excellent for your skin as it’s very moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling super soft. The lotion itself is very light so it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin and it sinks in really quickly.

Dirty Works shimmer lotion

I’m naturally very pale and I’m not too keen on tanning (whether that it be real or fake), as it’s just not for me. However I do like to give the impression that my skin is sun kissed and this lotion is perfect. I have to admit the smell of it isn’t exactly appealing but when applied it makes my skin look all shimmery and gives it a healthy glow. Another bonus is that it lasts all day so I only have to apply a bit in the morning.

Good Things Face Scrub

I mainly choose this product as I needed a face scrub and I’ve heard some good reviews about the Good Things skincare range. The packaging is pink and I love anything pink so I was instantly attracted to this face scrub in particular. The scrub itself has a lovely fruity scent and it does an excellent job as an exfoliator as it leaves my face feeling lovely and soft, without being too harsh on my skin. This face scrub in particular is supposed to be good for black heads, however I haven’t really noticed this.

Good Things Face Mask

As well as the face scrub I also picked up a face mask, who doesn’t love a good face mask? I was really keen to try this face mask as it contains honey and honey face masks are supposed to be super nourishing for your skin. This is another good things product that I really like! It’s a clay based face mask and you leave it on for 10 minutes, I have to say it ends up drying really fast! Again this is another product that makes my skin feel amazing.

Maybe next time you’re out shopping you might now be tempted to try these products out. What are your current favourite beauty products?

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