Saturday, 28 February 2015

❤February Favourites❤

     I can't believe it's the last day of February!!! Where has the time gone??? Anyway here of my favourites for this month

Benefit- Its potent eye cream
I got this in a gift set at christmas and its just fab. Sometimes I get dry skin around my eyes and this product does wonders for me. It moisturizes the skin around my eyes and keeps it soft. I would defiantly recommend using this.

Soap and Glory- The righteous
body butter £10.50
Again I got this in a gift set at christmas. I have also used this body butter before and its one of my favourites. Yes its expensive but for the price its totally worth it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and it also has a gorgeous smell as well.

The Body Shop- Rose hand cream £10
Recently my hands have been feeling quite dry so I've been using this hand cream and it's really helped. Again this is another expensive product but it's worth the price. This has really helped combat the dry skin on my hands and it has a sweet smell of roses as well.

Candy Kittens Perfume
I got this in an advent calendar at christmas so I have no idea where I'm going to find another one of these (and mine has nearly run out as well). Anyway I have literally used this perfume everyday this month and its lovely. It has a really sweet smell to it (which I'm a sucker for).

I quite like David Guetta's songs so when having a listen I came across this one and fell in love with it. Now I've been playing it repeatedly. I can't describe my music taste (it's pretty unique) but I love songs that are upbeat and have a funky tune and that's exactly what this song has. The lyrics are also catchy as well.

Those are my february favourites, what are yours?


Saturday, 21 February 2015

A day in my life

Hi everyone!
            I really should have called this post "an average day in the holidays" or "an average weekend day" because I have a different routine for when I go to school. Anyway here is a typical day in my life.

If its the weekend or the holidays I have a lie in between 8-9am (yes that counts as I lie in). I check my social media, get up and have breakfast

A lovely bubble bath
After breakfast I will have a long soak in the bath. I prefer having baths to showers as they are so much more relaxing and it's easier to unwind.

Everyday makeup 
If I'm going out anywhere I will then do my makeup. This is my current everyday make up. I love using these products as they are very good quality.

All made up!


Revision :(
If I'm not going out anywhere I tend to do homework in the afternoon. Also as my exams are coming up in May (eeekkk) I spend a couple of hours in the afternoon revising.

Time for tea!
I also like to have a cup of tea in the afternoon as I'm a massive fan of tea (it's like my fuel!). Also it gives me a break from doing work


In the evening I will eat my dinner and then check my social media again. After that I will go and watch TV for an hour (usually The Simpsons or a movie).

Current read
Before I go to bed I like to read for half an hour. This helps me to relax and unwind.

Well that's an average day for me, what's an average day for you?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Shopping Haul

Hello lovelies,
               Today I went shopping in York (favourite city in the Uk because the shops are so unique and its beautiful) and had a great time (even though it rained for part of the day). Here is what I bought

Left- Blue velvet jumpsuit- Ark £12 (sale)
Right- Black crop top- Ark  £6 (sale)

Ark is a funky clothes shop I just discovered today in York and I want to buy the whole store. Whilst browsing I spotted this jumpsuit in the sale and fell in love with it. I love velvet and the pattern on it's gorgeous. However the jumpsuit is very low cut so I bought I top to wear underneath it

Sailor Moon Key ring- Give the dog a bone £5.99
Not going to lie I'm a MASSIVE fan of Sailor Moon. When i spotted that Give a dog a bone had just started selling some merchandise I knew this key ring would be perfect so I bought it. I have know put it on my keys with all my other key rings.

Dove intensive repair shampoo and conditioner- Boots £2.69
Currently I'm on a mission to find a shampoo and conditioner that suits my hair as it gets dry at the end but also greasy. I had read a good review of this product and when I saw they we on offer I decided to purchase them. Hopefully they will make my hair stronger and softer without it going greasy.

Natural Collection nail varnish- £1.99
I'm also on a mission to own as much nail varnish as I possibly can. I wanted a berry coloured and a pale pink varnish so when I spotted these I knew they would be perfect. I can't wait to try them out

Think Pink bath bomb- Lush £2.65
Lush is one of my favourite shops and I always love spending ages smelling all the bath bombs. I picked up one of my old favourites, think pink bath bomb, as it was the cheapest and smells so nice. It turns the bath water bright pink and there are even little pink love hearts inside it now. Can't wait to use it on one of my pamper evenings.

Well that's everything from my haul. Have you done any shopping recently?

Monday, 16 February 2015

My Hair Story

Hello :)
       Sorry for not blogging in a while. I've been busy with college work (and still am) and temporarily had no wifi for a week.

Tonight I thought I would share my hair story with you as over the years it's changed a lot.

My natural hair is fine and the colour brown. Up until the age of 8 I had long hair until I got it cut.

Before I went into year 4 I got my hair cut to shoulder length and it stayed like that up until I left primary school.

When I started secondary school I got my hair cut into a bob shape and kept it straight. It was a bit annoying at times as it wouldn't always go straight and there wasn't much I could do with my hair.

Then halfway through year 8 I got my hair cut super short (above my ears practically) as when I saw photo's models with cropped hair looked amazing. So at the time I loved having super short hair but looking back I now hated it.

My hair stayed short for the next couple of years. Halfway through year 10 I got blonde highlights put in my hair. I loved having my highlights as it made my hair lighter and they looked fab.

Shortly afterwards I decided I wanted to grow my hair out. So i started the long process of growing it out and slowly it began to get longer.

When I broke up for summer holidays I dyed my hair pink which I absolutely loved!!! However it only lasted 4 days because a) it was only a temporary dye and b) My hair was quite dark so it faded pretty quickly (*sobs*)

A week after dying my hair pink I dyed it bleach blonde the day before I went on holiday. It then stayed this colour for the rest of the summer holidays. Despite it looking ok and me enjoying having blonde hair this was a BIG MISTAKE.

The day before I went into year 11 I got my hair dyed professionally at the hairdressers. They removed the blonde and dyed it lighter than my natural hair colour with blonde highlights. At this point my hair was a honey colour which I absolutely loved and it was beginning to get longer. My hair pretty much stayed like this for a year and a half whilst getting longer and longer.

Last year a week before October half term I was due to get my hair re dyed so I decided to dye it pink in the mean time. Also I can have non natural coloured hair for college so this was another reason I dyed it. Again I loved having my hair pink and it only lasted a week (this was because it was getting re dyed anyway otherwise it would have lasted much longer with my hair being lighter).

I then got it dyed back to the colour I normally get it dyed and this is my current hair. Hopefully in the near future I will dye my hair pink again (although I'll just do it semi permanently). I'm very happy with the colour of my hair and all I want is to keep growing my hair so its gets longer (and I will be able to go out without it frizzing and ATM I don't like wearing my hair down because of that)

Well that's my hair story. I hope you enjoyed the post. Have you experimented with your hair?