Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Infinity Dream Award

   Sorry I haven't blogged for a bit, I've been busy with resits and college.

The other day I was nominated by the lovely Sophie Wright (THANK YOU!) to be a part of the Infinity Dream Awards, you should check out Sophie's blog (BLOG LINK: I was quite happy to be nominated as I would definitely class myself as a dreamer.   

This award basically works the same way as the Liebster Award. You get asked questions and you answer them, you give 11 facts about yourself, you set questions for other bloggers to answer and then nominated bloggers! It also helps to promote bloggers and spread the blogging love!

11 Facts about me:
  • I have an obsession with taking photo's of the Sun
  • My all time favourite Disney movie is UP
  • I have a mole on my right hand
  • One day I want to travel and see as much of the world as possible
  • I've been on holiday to Scotland, France, Crete, Portugal and Turkey
  • My natural hair colour is brown, although I love having it dyed ginger
  • Drama has been my favourite subject ever since Year 7
  • I would like to move to the Cotswolds when I'm older
  • I love to read and I have so many favourite authors
  • I also have an obsession with Tesco Red Velvet Cupcakes, they are so TASTY!
  • My favourite song is Stay Awake by Example
11 Questions Sophie asked me:

What is it about blogging that you love the most?

Being able to express my opinion and thoughts on subjects that I'm passionate about. I also love interacting with bloggers and making new blogger friends (they are some of the loveliest and best people you could ever know)

What was the last thing you bought? Post a picture of it if you like!

I bought a cereal bar this morning and nope I don't have a photo of it.

What was your least favourite lesson at school and why?

DT, I was really bad at making things (DIY is definitely NOT my strong point) It got to the point where I would let other people finish my projects for me (at least I would end up with a half decent product)

Name a shop that you can’t walk past without going inside and having a look!

Superdrug! I love spending ages at all the different make up stands and deciding what future make up I'm going to by. I also like to have a browse through the body stuff section.

Can you remember your dreams? If so, tell us about a recent dream you’ve had.

Yes, I often have very vivid dreams which I'm able to remember. Me and my friend used to discuss my dreams on a regular basis. My recent dreams have been about college and that's probably because I officially leave college tomorrow.

What’s your favourite blog post you’ve ever written and why?

The WHO I AM POST (LINK HERE It was a really personal post I wrote about Who I've become. I'm proud of that blog post as I poured my heart and soul into it and I received loads of lovely comments about it.

Tell us a super embarrassing story that happened to you!

In Year 10, as I came out of my science exam and I tripped over in front of half my year group. What was even worse was it happened right in front of a few teacher and invigilators and they all saw me trip up but didn't help me.

Do you friends and family keep up with your blog?

Yes. I often get people telling me at college that they've been reading my blog/ my latest blog post and it always brings a smile to my face.

Write a description about your favourite blogger and see if your readers can guess who it is!

That's a really tough one as I have so many favourite bloggers who I adore. Anyway I will pick one and you can all guess: This person has very talented when it comes to designing graphics and they blog regularly. Their blog isn't your typical blog as it's filled with so many unique posts.

What were you doing this time last week?

Relaxing, probably by being on my IPOD.

Do you have a happy place? If so, where is it?

The countryside! I always feel so relaxed and calm whenever I visit the countryside. Plus my surroundings are always breath-taking.

My 11 Questions to you all:

  • What was the last thing you ate?
  • Whats a recent book you've read?
  • Favourite way to relax/ de-stress
  • Why did you start blogging?
  • Whats a goal you'd like to achieve in the future?
  • Whats your all time favourite memory?
  • Whats your go to make up?
  • Who is your favourite music artist?
  • Whats the most vivid dream you can remember?
  • How would you describe your taste in fashion?
  • Whats one thing you hope to achieve whilst blogging?


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Why I'm a Misfit Blogger

    I’ve been busy as I’ve had a resit on Monday and my next resit is on Tuesday, then after that it’s my a-levels. For anyone currently sitting exams I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure you’ll get amazing results.

This post was inspired by Alice who is “Queen” of Misfit bloggers and runs the #misfitblogger chat every Tuesday, 6pm. I’m lucky enough to be a part of the #misfitblogger and bunch and this post is all about why I’m a misfit blogger!

  • I’m not your typical beauty/fashion/ lifestyle blogger: Whilst I sometimes blog about these things my blog isn’t solely based on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I blog about topics that interest me and I have a passion for. My blog is full of different posts covering a range of topics and that’s exactly the way I like it 

  • I rarely plan posts: The only time I plan posts is if I’m blogging about a certain event, such as my recent post on mental health awareness week. Usually I write a post whenever an idea pops into my head. 

  • I don’t schedule posts/ tweets: I know a lot of bloggers who do this, HOW? (See above) I never have a schedule (probably because I’m unorganised). I just blog whenever I want to blog whether that be once a week or month. (Not saying it’s a bad thing because it clearly works and helps people). 

  • I don’t spend ages taking “blog photos”: Again nothing wrong with this as it contributes to your blog’s look, it’s just something I’ve never done. If I’m writing a post I will quickly take a photo (usually using my bedcover as the background). I don’t even use a camera or anything fancy, just the camera on my ipod.
I hope you all enjoyed reading why I’m a mistfit blogger and proud to be one! BTW check out Alice’s blog because it’s full of interesting posts and deserves a read (BLOG LINK:

Monday, 16 May 2016

Mental Health Awareness week: Stop the Stigma

Hello lovelies,
               This week is mental health awareness week and that’s exactly what I want to do, raise awareness!

Just over 2 weeks ago my drama class did our practical exam based on the stigma surrounding mental health. Whilst it was an exam, we still managed to raise awareness and educate our audiences on mental health. It also got me thinking just how important mental health is and how anyone can be affected by it, no matter how big or small.

Facts about mental health

  • 1 in 4 are affected by a mental health problem in any given year
  • 1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem
  • 9 out of 10 people with mental health problems experience stigma and discrimination
  • 90% of those who commit suicide experienced mental distress

Even in today’s society mental health is a “taboo” subject, yet it’s so important to speak up about it. People face a lot of social stigma and that shouldn't be the case. I believe the majority of stigma/ discrimination comes from a lack of education and understanding. With people not fully understanding mental health, people often misjudge someone who has a mental illness.

Another major reason for the stigma is unlike a physical injury, you cannot see a mental health problem. BUT REMEMBER just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that someone isn’t suffering.

More and more people are diagnosed with mental health problems and there are different ones as well, yet they don’t often receive the help they need and deserve. Even worse, people are misdiagnosed or not even diagnosed at all.

From what I’ve learnt doctors need more training on how to help people with mental health problems. If people aren’t receiving the help they deserve then its only adding to the problem.

No one chooses to have a mental health illness, there can be multiply triggers for mental health problems. No one deserves to be judge. There shouldn't be all this stigma surrounding mental health, people with a mental health problem should receive support that they're going well and be helped get back on track. 

I hope I've managed to educate you on mental health and the stigma people face.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

A boho Mood board

   I hope you are all well, if any of you have any upcoming exams then I wish you the best of luck!

Those of you may have read my post on wanting to have a more boho style (POST LINK HERE: I still love the carefree vibe that surrounds the style. Today I wanted to do a slightly different post and share with you my boho mood board, which has all my inspiration for living a more boho lifestyle. 

*Disclaimer: I don't own any of these photo's*

I hope you enjoyed my mood board, do you have a mood board for anything?

Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Favourite Bloggers

Hi everyone!
            Recently I have been discovering more and more new blogs.

Here are some of my favourite blogs and bloggers, who you should all be following (after reading this post though :) )

Alice from Dainty Alice

Alice has such a unique blog which is why I love it so much! She blogs about anything from the latest beauty products to her new plant she recently bought, and she does a load of different series (my personal favourite is the "That sucks"). Not only does Alice blog but she is super talented when it comes to graphics (Alice designed my blog header for me as a present, THANK YOU SO MUCH) and has a load of free graphics you can use which are available on her blog (just make sure you link the graphics back to her blog). Alice also runs the hilarious #Misfitbloggers chat on tuesday, 6pm. I love the misfitblogger chat as the topics are very funny and I've been lucky enough to guest host one of the chats myself.

Steph from Love Steph x

Steph runs a fantastic blog and she always says lovely things about me on her blog (THANK YOU!). She has recently changed her blog layout which is simple yet chic. Steph blogs about anything ranging from lifestyle to beauty posts and she also posts really useful information and general tips. She also has alot of unique posts on her blog which I always enjoy reading

Hattie from Hattie's Little World

I always enjoy having a read through Hattie's blog. Hattie is currently at university and she has done lots of useful posts all about university and university tips, which I find very useful as I'll hopefully be starting university in September. Hattie always finds interesting things to blog about which is why I love her blog so much!

Sarah from A teacholic blog

Sarah is a primary school teacher and she inspires me everyday (especially as I want to become a primary school teacher). What I love about Sarah's blog the most is her passion for teaching shines through it. Seeing her blog about a job she loves just inspires me and is a reminder of exactly why I want to become a teacher. However her blog isn't just about teaching, she also writes a lot of witty posts which are really enjoyable to read.

Not only do all these bloggers have amazing blogs but they are incredible people as well. They are all so lovely, positive and friendly and have made me feel really welcome into the blogger community.

If you haven't already I highly recommend having a read through their blogs!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The beauty tag

Hi beauties!
            I was tagged by the lovely Alice from You should check check out her blog because she writes amazing post and is such a lovely person.

Here are the questions Alice asked me:

If you could only use five products for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Mascara, lip balm, face wash, moisturizer and make up remover

Drugstore or High End makeup?

Drugstore makeup. You can get really good quality for a far cheaper price and you can often find a a lot of high end "duped" products. Also my motto is why pay more for something when you can get a cheaper product that is just as good.

Do you prefer dramatic or natural makeup looks and why?

Natural makeup looks. TBH I've never really experimented with dramatic makeup looks. I find that natural makeup can look just as fab and be effective, a little goes a long way!

What product do you reach for every day?

Lip balm- My lips dry out really quickly and can become very chapped (especially when I'm stressed) so using lip balm keeps them healthy and moisturized
Mascara- I love making my eyelashes longer and giving them volume to make my eyes stand out
Clear Mascara- I use it to keep my eyebrows in shape and I also use it on my lashes on days I don't want to use mascara

How old were you when you first started playing with makeup?

Year 6. I used to collect all the make up freebies from teen magazines :')

Blusher or bronzer? Choose!


Blusher! I've never ever used bronzer and I'm not sure how to either (How can I call myself a beauty blogger???) I like giving my cheeks a healthy glow as I'm naturally very pale

Heavy eye makeup or a strong lip colour? Or both?

Strong lip colour. I love the bold lipstick look as it really stands out.

What makeup brand are you currently obsessed over?
Not my photo
W7! They have an amazing range of products (a lot of them are dupes of high end products). I love how all the products are really great quality for such a cheap price. I currently own the In the Nude eyeshadow palette and the absolute lashes mascara. I hope to add more w7 products to my make up collection.

Best product you own for under £10?

My MAX factor mascara! (Technically its £10 but I got it for £5.99 off a stall that sells make up cheaply). I love this mascara so much! It lengths my eyelashes so they look super long and gives them volume at the same time!

Now here are my questions for you guys!:

  • What skin type do you have?
  • What brand do you use for skincare and why?
  • Do you exfoliate?
  • Do you use fake eyelashes, why?
  • Benefit or Too faced?
  • What are you go to make up tools?
  • Whats your favourite mascara?
  • All time favourite make up brand?
I tag: