Monday, 24 February 2014

How To: Healthy Hair Tutorial

So are hair is one of our most worn accessories and it is our crowning glory after all. This is a quick tutorial on how to keep your hair healthy.

1.When using curlers/crimping irons/straighteners/dryers always make sure you use heat protection spray before hand. If you dont your hair will end up being badly damaged and will just look a mess.

2. Shampoo every other day ( unless your hair gets greasy very easily). Shampooing your hair every day can cause your hair to be stripped of its natural oils and all the chemicals will end up damaging your hair. 

3. Once a week use a leave in conditioner/ intensive conditioner- Conditioner is needed to make sure your hair is left feeling super soft and looking shiny. So use a leave in conditioner once a week to help keep your hair soft and healthy and to keep it looking shiny.

4. When rinsing out shampoo and conditioner do it with cold water. Cold water flattens the cuticles of the hair and makes it look more shinier.

5. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated keeps your hair looking hydrated and shiny.

6. Get split ends cut off- otherwise your hair will become badly damaged and end up looking like straw.

7. Eat food containing lots of protein as this helps your hair to grow. Try eating: salmon,dark green vegetables,nuts,eggs ect.

Follow these 7 simple tips and you will have healthy hair that looks and feels fab! 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Half Term

Hello Everyone, I hope you have all had a fabulous half term and done lots of fabulous things!!!
So as half term is coming to an end (WAAAAAAAAAA) I'm going to share with you what I have been up to with my week off.

Saturday 15th February
Today I went to Durham city with family today. Despite it being cold and wet we still had a nice time. We looked round the shops and I managed to get my hands the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which I had been wanting for ages.

Sunday 16th February
Today me and my family packed a picnic and went on a car journey. We drove round the Yorkshire moors and the scenery was just beautiful. It had even snowed in some parts of the moors!
( Here is a collage of pictures I took)

Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd February
On Friday evening I went round to my friends house for a sleepover. We ate pizza and chips for our dinner. Then we took loads of photo's. After that we watched Megamind and A Cinderella Story. Finally we fell asleep at half one in the morning. On Saturday we had a lazy day chilling in her bedroom watching Mrs Brown's Boys and eating lots of sweets and chocolates.

In between these days I just did my chores and homework and revised. Overall it was a quite and relaxing half term and gave me the break I needed from school.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

     A few days ago I went shopping. I was quite excited because I finally picked up the Bourjois healthy mix foundation ( I have been wanting it for quite some time!!!)

But does it live up to my expectations??? Lets find out

What Bourjois say:
" Its soft, fresh texture easily blends onto the skin for a comfortable,flawless finish leaving you with beautiful,radiant and hydrated skin for 8 hours"

What I Say:
This is a liquid foundation and it does blend very easily onto your skin. It gives your skin a natural and healthy glow and gives the image of a flawless complexion. It even smells of apricots which just makes this foundation better. Also I found this foundation stayed on my skin for all day without fading.
Overall this product is definitely worth buying.
Rate: 10/10

Monday, 17 February 2014

How to have a brilliant half term

Heyy its sev here :)
                   So like you I have a week off school (YAY)

Here is my simple guide on how to have the best week ever.

1. Catch up on sleep

A week of school means not having to get up early. So to catch up on sleep why not have long lie ins on the morning. That way you will feel refreshed and less sluggish and more prepared to face the day.

2. Do Homework early

Unfortunately we get given homework to do during the half term. So you have two options: 1. Moan and leave it till last minute causing stress 2. Do it as you as you can. I recommend option 2 as the sooner to do it the more time you have free. Also it means you are not panicking trying to do homework at the last minute.

So you have a week off school and that could lead to boredom. The simple solution is to make lots of plans. Why not plan to meet up with friends during the holiday. That way you can catch up on the gossip and have a great day together. Also why not plan some fun days put with your family. After all there is nothing better than spending a bit of quality time with your family.

4. Have a pamper night

Usually the night before I go back to school I have a pamper night to relax and prepare myself for school, so why don't you do the same. Have a hot bubble bath with plenty of bubble's ( or use a Lush bath bomb as they are amazing). Then have a facial and use some face masks. This will unclog any pores and leave your face feeling soft and refreshed.

Well that's all from me so I hope you all have a great week.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Quotes, Quotes Quotes

Heyy Everyone!

Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite quotes which are basically my life motto's.

This is one of my favourite quotes. So many of us try to fit in that we can forget to be ourselves.I mean I would rather be myself than try to be someone that I'm not. After all it's ok to stand out from the crowd. It shows you have a strong personality and you don't care what other people think. Fruit loops are colourful and exciting. Whereas cheerios are boring and dull. So would you rather be a colourful fruit loop or a dull cheerio?

This is such a lovely and inspirational quote.
We go through times where it gets hard and difficult and we cant avoid these hard times. So rather than waiting for it to be over ( thats the storm part) learn to deal with it and it will make your life ridiculously easier. 

 Again another one of my favourite quotes. So few people seem to realize that if you hurt someone really badly they are not going to go back to the way they were. You may have said sorry (which does make a huge difference btw) but it won't change what you have done and in effect you have damaged them (like a breaking a plate).

None of us are perfect as we are all full of flaws. However a lot of us have good intentions with our lives so although we may be imperfect we are still kind. Also this quote reminds me that its ok to be imperfect as you can still be a good person. BTW I love the background on this quote it makes it really stand out.

In life we can go through really hard times. It feels like we are the only ones suffering and that we are just falling down a dark hole. This quote reminds us to stay strong through the tough times. Also it shows us that we are given tough times because we are strong people and we can get through them.

So those are some of my favourite quotes. I hope these inspire you in the way they inspire me. They are great for reading especially if you feel low.