Saturday, 26 April 2014

Miss Manga Mascara Review

Hello :)
       A few weeks ago my school was on strike for the day so I went shopping. Whilst shopping I finally picked up the Miss Manga Mascara which I have been wanting for months!

What they Say: Miss Manga Mascara creates bold volume with L'Oreal Paris first 360 flexible cone shaped brush that amplifies upper lashes and reveals lower lashes.

What I say: The first thing that made me want to buy this product was the kawaii packaging and that it had the word manga on it. I love the bold colours used on the packaging and how the contrast against each other. The second thing that made me want to buy it was that it has a flexible brush and it makes it easier to apply the mascara. I find that the flexible brush definitely works. Also the mascara does give my eyelashes lots of volume and length while looking very natural. The only slight issue is that its a very wet mascara so you need to dab excess mascara off the wand (using a tissue) before applying. Overall I really love the mascara and it was definitely worth buying. Rating 10/10. 


Monday, 21 April 2014

My Easter Holiday

Hello everyone, 
              I hope you all had a brilliant Easter Holiday. Here's what I got up to during my Easter Holiday

1st week
I didn't do an awful lot on the first week. On the monday I was in school in the morning for 3 hours for a maths the booster class. The rest of the week I spent revising

2nd week

Monday 14th April

On Monday I went to Whitby with my family and it was such a lovely day. As you can see from the photo's the weather was gorgeous and it was such a sunny day. In Whitby we looked around the shops and I bought some sweets from a sweet shop. For lunch we got fish and chips from the Magpie and they were yummy as usual. After Whitby we went to Great Ayton for ice cream and that was also yummy.

Tuesday 15th April
Didn't do much today except revise

Wednesday 16th April
I was in school (all day) for a drama booster class in preparation for my drama exam. My friends in my group plaited my hair for me as I play a very nerdy teenage girl. We got a lot done so I was pleased. 

Thursday 17th April
I was in school (all day again) but this time for an astronomy booster class. It was alright as I finished my coursework and we went over some past papers. The bright side was a girl in the class brought in cakes and cookies so we all had a treat.

Friday 19th April

On Friday me and my family went out and again it was such a lovely and sunny day. Oh and the photo on the right was my hairstyle for the day which my mum did for me. Back on the subject we had a day out driving around the Yorkshire moors. On the way around the moors we stopped for a Brymor ice cream (I had clotted cream flavour) and it was just delicious.

Saturday 20th April
On Saturday I went to the cinemas with my little brother to see Divergent and wow the film was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing Divergent. I loved the story line and how it all built up. I especially loved the chemistry that went on between Tris and Four. If you haven't seen Divergent yet I suggest you do!!!

Well that's my Easter Holiday for you all.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dedicated To Disney

Hi guys,
       I hope you are all having a lovely Easter Holiday.

Ever since I was a tiny tot I have always loved Disney. When I was little I used to enjoy dressing up as Disney Princesses.Even though I'm a teenage girl I still love watching Disney movies and some day I wish to visit Disneyland.

So being a Disney Fan girl here are a few of my favourite Disney related things:

Favourite Movie: Up 

Favourite Princess: Sleeping Beauty

Favourite Prince: Prince Charming

Favourite Song: Hakuna Matata

Favourite Kiss: When Tiana kisses the frog and gets turned into a frog

Prettiest Princess: Cinderella

Saddest Moment: When the toys are about to die (Toy Story 3)

Favourite Couple: Carl and Ellie
Best Hair: Rapunzel (after the it has been plaited and flowers are added to it)
Favourite Animal Sidekick: The chameleon from Tangled
Favourite Non Animal Sidekick: Tinkerbell
Favourite Dress: The dress Cinderella's animal friends make for her
Favourite Villain: Mother Gothel from Tangled
Favourite Romantic Moment: The love story of Carl and Ellie

Favourite Name: Pocahontas

Funniest Moment: When they can never get Eugenie's nose right on the wanted posters
 Favourite Quote: "Nobody's perfect but you sure are lovely"- Daisy Duck

Bravest Heroine:
Favourite Dance Scence: When Rapunzel gets everyone dancing at the medival festival
Favourite Parent: Mufasa
Most Magical Moment: When Pinocchio turns into a real boy
Favourite Overall Moment: "Paradise Falls a land lost in time"
Ellie: "I ripped this right out of a library book Carl:*gasps*

Favourite Happy Ending: When Rapunzel is reunited with her Parents

So those are all of my favourite Disney things.

PS: There is a thing going round on Instagram and Facebook where you post a picture of a Disney Character to break the negative cycle of pictures,comments and statuses being posted. Whoever likes the picture you give them a Disney Character and they post the picture of their chosen Disney Character. I think its a brilliant idea and I was nominated Elsa on Instagram so I posted Elsa.

Monday, 7 April 2014

How To: Bunny Nails Tutorial

Hello everyone, the Easter holidays have finally arrived and that means no school for 2 weeks YAY. That means I decided to paint my nails with an Easter theme and this post will teach you how do "Bunny Nails"

You will need: Pink Nail varnish, white nail varnish, nail varnish for the bunny eyes ( I choose blue but you could to black or green ect), clear nail varnish and 2 hair grips

Step 1:
Using the pink nail varnish apply the base coat to your nails. I would recommend doing 2 thin layers rather than one big thick one.

Step 2: 
Using the white nail varnish paint a small rectangle at the base of both thumb nails. Then carefully paint 2 thin rectangles coming up from the base rectangle.
Step 3:

 Using one hair grip, dip it into the chosen nail varnish for the eyes ( in this case blue) and paint 2 small dots at the top of the base rectangle on each thumb. Then using the other hair grip dip it into the pink nail varnish and paint 1 small dot in between and below the other 2 dots.

Step 4: 

Finally apply a clear coat of nail varnish on top to protect your nails from chipping.

Your nails should end up looking like this.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you all to do your own bunny nails.