Saturday, 28 December 2013

♫What would life be without a song♫


Music plays a massive part in my crazy life. I have loads of songs on my i-pod and on my phone. I listen to music on car journeys,going to school,coming home from school and just everywhere in general. Also I love different songs for many different reasons: artist,tune, lyrics ect. However one of the reasons of my huge love for music is that certain songs hold precious memories ( you will see what I mean in a minute).

So I'm going to tell you all about my favorite songs.

Calvin Harris Feat Neyo Lets Go
Out of all the songs I have listened to this is my favorite song by far. The tune of the song is amazing and when the bass line kicks in it gets even better. Also I love lyrics of the song which is all about boyfriends trying to get their girlfriends to go to the gym and partying and life.These are my 2 favorite parts of the song.

 But I don't just love this song because of all this,no,this song holds a memory to me. My friend in 6th form introduced me to this song and its his fault that I love it so much!!!
So here is the story behind it...
Every year my school holds a summer drama course ( we make up crazy dramas and play crazy games) on the first week of the summer holidays. Being a massive drama geek I go to the course. Well this year a group of us, one lunch time, danced across the theater to this song and it was loads of fun ( until we got expensive sound equipment ooopsies)told off because my friend had decided to plug his phone into the 

Calvin Harris Feat Neyo: Lets go

Perfect Two:Auburn

This is the cutest song I have ever heard!!! Its all about a couple that are perfect for each other. The tune of the song is very slow and funky and played on the guitar. However the best part of the song is the lyrics. Its about everything that goes together e.g: Peanut Butter and Jelly. And each line of the song rhymes.

Train:50 ways to say goodbye
Although its not my favorite song I love,love,love this song. My lovely friend in y8 told me to listen to this song or she would kill me ( she was joking BTW), so I did. The tune of the song seems to have a Mexican theme which makes it rock even more. The song is all about a man who's girlfriend has broken up with him. He is fine with it but if his friends ask where she is he makes up a load of lies, e.g: "Eaten by a lion". The lies he comes up with are hilarious and this song is definitely worth listening to.

Example-Changed the way you kissed me
Wow!!! This song is just amazing. I love the tune to this song- its very catchy and funky. Also I love the lyrics to the song, especially at the start of the song ( even though I have a fear of heights and flying). This is another song that holds a memory to me and yes its from the summer drama course again ( only this one was a year ago). We were playing the dancing game which is basically one person makes up a dance move and then everyone copies. The next person makes up a dance move and we do the last persons move and this person move, it goes on and on and on and its very fun especially when there is about 50 of you doing it!!! And this song just so happened to be the one we danced to.

No Change- Levellers
This song is practically ancient and I can guarantee no one will have heard it ( If you have I'm stunned). Also this song would be classed as folk music. However I love this song. The tune of the song is very melodic (is that even a word???) and soothing. It is also played on the violin. The tune reminds my of ballroom dancing and lullabies. This song tells us a story about how things happen but overall nothing actually changes.
Out of all the Levellers songs I have heard ( which is a lot) this one has to be my favorite.

Levellers No Change ( Sorry if its bad quality its the only good one I could find)

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas day is finally here

Merry Christmas my mint Humbugs

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while I have been very busy (especially at school). But today is Christmas (yayyyy) so that's what I'm going to blog about.

Each Christmas I wake up at 6am to open my stocking. Normally when I'm holiday I have a lie in til around 8:30am but as its Christmas I make an exception.

This is my stocking full of presents

These are the presents I received in my stocking

At about half 8 me and my little brother went in my parents room to wish them a merry Christmas and we gave them their Christmas presents. I got my dad 3 Molten Brown shower gels and a Toblerone. I got my mum some Champneys Bubble bath and some after eight mints. I got my brother a phone stylus, magic stars and a didgeridoo. I loved seeing the look on my brothers face when I gave him the didgeridoo. He had a go and I have to admit he played very well. My family all loved their gifts.

Then we went into the top room ( I live in a 3 storey house) and me and My brother opened our main presents.

Here are a few of my main presents

As my mum is working this afternoon and doesn't come back til 8pm we aren't having a Christmas dinner.We had one on the 23rd and we are going to have another one tomorrow- I cant wait!!! So we had a brunch as our Christmas meal/treat and tonight my dad is going to cook me and my brother nachos, yummy!!!

Later this evening I will curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and watch chicken run ( I love that movie and it was on today so I recorded it) and other Christmas movies.

And that's my Christmas for you. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and got lots of lovely presents.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas Day!!!!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Whats in my makeup bag???

Ciao Bella ( That means Hello Beautiful in Italian)

So today I'm going to share with you whats in my makeup bag. FYI I bought it from Claires and I love the design- soooo chic and vintage

Miss Sporty So Clear Foundation
Yes I know I've blogged about this product before but as it's in my makeup bag I'm going to blog about it again. I bought this foundation in the lightest shade I could find as I have pale skin.It's a liquid foundation so its very easy to apply. Also once applied it doesn't look cakey or shiny. It gives my skin a healthy glow and covers up any flaws.

Soap of Glory Thick and Fast Mascara
This is the best mascara I have ever used and its by my favorite brand. Also its a lovely black color. When I put the mascara on it gives my eyelashes volume and length. On my upper lashes I brush the wand down to begin with and then up. This maximizes length. Even better this mascara isn't clumpy or too thick so it makes your eyelashes look longer naturally.

Bourjois Blusher

This blusher is amazing!!! Its a lovely dusty rose color and comes with a built in mirror. When applied it looks natural. It comes in a power form and gives your cheeks a lovely healthy glow.

Lush Lip Scrub
I love, love, love this lip scrub. Its pink, sugary and smells of candyfloss. I use this to buff away yucky,dead skin. It leaves my lips feeling lovely and smooth.

Soap of Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstain
OMG this lipstain is amazing!!! Its a nude pink color and gives my lips a natural tint. Also this lipstain is quite creamy so it doesn't dry out your lips

Collection 200-Plum Perfection Lipstick
This is the best lipstick I own and its also my favorite. This color really suits me and its a lovely berry/plum color. I apply it and then blot my lips a few times so its not too bright.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

♫Its the most wonderful time of the year♫

Its December and Christmas is fast approaching, yay :D

December is by far the best month of the year for many fabby reasons:

Advent has begun
I imagine most of you have an advent calendar. I have one each year which my mum fills with little goodies such as sweets and 20p pieces. This year I get a pair of earrings every day. Also between the 7-17 December I also get hot chocolate and a bath bomb. Now waking up on a morning for school doesn't seem as glum.
My Advent Calender :D

Christmas Decorations go up
There is nothing better than putting the Christmas decorations up. It looks and feels christmasy. I also love seeing other houses that have been decorated. Some nights I take the late bus home from school ( due to after school classes). On the journey home (particularly in the place I live) I see tons of streets decorated and all lit up. It looks magical.

This is someones house I saw decorated while in St Albans last year. It defiantly wins most decorated house!!!

Secret Santa
Every year my form does a Secret Santa. I love buying gifts for my chosen person and then seeing their face when they open it up. I also love receiving cute gifts from my Secret Santa (In my old form a lovely girl got my a silver pig money box and it sits proudly on my shelf)

Although it hasn't snowed yet I really hope it does. I love waking up and seeing the garden covered in snow. Also there is nothing more magical than watching snowflakes fall to the ground. When it snows I love making snowmen, snow-angels, snowballing and going sledging.

Christmas Day
Its the best day of December. I love waking up early and opening my stocking while snuggled up in bed. I love going upstairs to open my Christmas presents. I love giving Christmas presents to my friends and family. I love Christmas Dinner- roast goose, sprouts, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing ect- its all very yummy 

I'm sooooooooooo excited for Christmas, are you???

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Short Hair: Hairstyling tips

I have short hair and I'm trying to grow it out ( Its just reached my shoulders). Only sometimes it can be hard to manage and my hair can flick out at the ends like this
So that is why I have a selection of short hairstyles to help my hair look funky as it grows out.

1. Straight
This is where I blow dry my hair straight. I usually get my hair like this on a weekend or during the holidays when I have more time to dry it.
To get the back I lie upside down on the bed and place the hair dryer under the back of my hair, while brushing, to blow dry it straight. Usually when I leave the house the ends curl due to wind so I would recommend using some hairspray to keep it in place.

2. Ponytail
I brush my hair back into a ponytail. Then I grip up the lose bits of hair at the back using hair grips. Then using a hair grip I pull a small bit of hair down by my ears so I have cute wisps. This is what It looks like at the end.

3. Half Pony
I brush the top half of my hair into a high ponytail and then secure with a bobble. I then leave the rest of it loose and this is what it looks like.

4. Headband
I follow the same routine for blow drying my hair straight. Then I use a headband to push my hair back slightly and It ends up looking like this. You can get a gazillion different ones which you can use to coordinate with your outfit. This one is black which I'm wearing with this outfit and I use for school ( as its a regulation headband)

For those of you with short hair like me I these tips help you.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Poem that I read

Bonjour chatons ( French for "Hello Kittens" (。♥‿♥。) )

Yesterday I came across an extract from a poem and it is now one of my favorite poems.
Here it is:

You are not a freak
You a not a loser
You are not fat
You are not ugly
You are not stupid
You are 60% water, 65% oxygen, 18% carbon and 100% human.
Do not hate your body, you are beautiful
Do not hate you scars. Love them. Learn from them
Be the person who can say " I didn't come out untouched. I was beaten down and torn apart and bleeding from the skin and heart. But I won"
You conquered the bloodiest battle and you are so brave

Us, being teenage girls, have probably all felt like this at some point. This poem got me thinking and it opened my heart and mind. How many of us have been called a nasty name repeatedly? I really
don't understand why people want to do that- its not funny, its not joking, banter ect. All your doing is making their life a misery. How many of us have been torn down or, even worse, torn someone down. I cant stand people who make other peoples life a misery for no reason. It wont hurt you not to call someone names- if you don't like someone just leave them alone!!! It would make society and the world a 100000000 times more nicer.

Sorry,rant over, I'm very passionate on this topic in case you haven't noticed. Moving on this poem has a very powerful message. Our journey through life isn't going to be easy, we will have to overcome obstacles (physical,emotional,mental) everyday but we will get through it. So to all those people who have been torn down or going through a hard time, I hope this poem gives you hope and you will get through it. If you ever see someone who is being torn down HELP THEM!!!! They will feel a million times better and you would make me a very happy bunny.

I hope this post makes people think and more importantly helps people out

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Moulettes and Manchester

Hello my vanilla cupcakes (✿◠‿◠)

On Friday night I went to a gig in Clitheroe to see... the Moulettes!!!
There is a story behind why we went to see them. About a year ago we went to see a group called the Levellers ( a very old group that my parents like and I grew up listening to their music) and the Moulettes were the support group. We all fell in love with their music instantly as they were amazing. They sing pretty unique songs- so let me tell you about their music.
I would say there music falls under the genre of folk. Now you may think OMG that's old wouldn't dare listen to it. Actually you would be surprised. There songs are very powerful and have a lot of meaning. Some of the songs the compose and sing are quite dark such as Bloodshed in the Woodshed. My favorite song is called Rumpelstiltskin's Jiggle. The violinist and the cellist play a tune together. It gradually gets faster and faster until the end of the song- no words at all. 
Overall I loved seeing the Moulettes perform again and even better after the gig I got to meet them!! They are lovely people and very talented. I strongly recommend you listen to their music, NOWWWW!!!

The Moulettes

Then, Yesterday, I went to Manchester with my parents and we had a brilliant time looking round the Christmas market. To begin with we bought drinks from a stall. Mine was a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows and a chocolate flake. Now I have a little story that goes with this. The lady there put the hot chocolate down ( with a chocolate coin) and I was about to take it. Suddenly the lady said no that isnt yours ( it was for the lady standing next to me) So I let her take her hot chocolate and handed back her chocolate coin. Then mine came without a chocolate coin!!! I was bitterly disappointed but the hot chocolate was yummy.
Afterwards we looked round the stalls. There were craft stalls, jewelry, beauty products, clothes and food stalls galore. I particularly loved the little quirky stalls that sold unique gifts. To finish off we looked in a few shops and I bought my families Christmas presents and a few things for myself. So if you live near Manchester or don't then Go to the Christmas market and have a good look round!!!
The Market

 The Goodies I bought for myself

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Books, Books, Books


From a young age I have loved reading books!!! I own a load of books ( my bookshelf is collapsing to due to how many I have!!). As I'm a Teenager I'm addicted to Teen Fiction so here are some of my top reads:

Paper Aeroplanes By Dawn O'Porter

Background: It is set in 1994 with 2 Tudor Falls girls, Renee and Flo. Flo is a goody, goody, lives in the shadow of her controlling best friend and her Mum refuses to look after her and her younger Sister. Renee is rebellious, lives with her strict grandparents and her 2 best friends dont even care about her. When Renee and Flo meet a very extraordinary friendship forms.

My Opinion: I loved reading this book and just couldn't put it down. Its very realistic and relates to teenage life very well. Also you really feel for Renee and Flo.

Torn: Cat Clarke
Background: Alice goes on a school trip to the Scottish wilderness. She shares a room with her best friend Cass, Emo Rae, Socially Rejected Polly and popular Tara. One of these girls is killed in man slaughter and the rest of the book is about living with the guilt

My Opinion: Wow, wow, wow!!! This is one of the best books I have ever read. I love the main storyline and all the sub plots that unfold. Again I couldn't put this book down and I strongly recommend to read this book, NOW!!!

Confessions of a Teenage drama queen: Dyan Sheldon
Background: Kooky Lola (Mary) moves from New York to New Jersy (AKA deadwood). Lola dreams of becoming an actress. At her new school she becomes best friends with Ella, battles with the Great Santini eg Carla and gets the lead role in the school play.

My Opinion: Dyan Sheldon is one of my favorite authors and this is the best book I have read of hers ( Its my favorite as well so double points) I also own all of her books she has written. I could strongly relate with Lola ( I feel I am like Lola)

Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Half Term

Hello all!!! I hope you all had a wonderful half term. Like many of you I'm back at school tomorrow blergh :( ( although I do get to see my friends again)

So for the past 4 days of half term I was away (woooooooo) and this is what I got up to.

On Halloween (Thursday) I arrived in the beautiful city of Norwich. I spent the evening and the most of Friday exploring the city.

On Thursday we looked around the city and I can find the words to it! It has lots of well known shops such as Primark, Topshop, Waterstones, Boots, Lush ect. However it does have lots of little quirky and unique shops that can be found down the side streets. It even has its own Market which sell a wide range of items.

That evening we ate in a lovely restaurant called Bella Italia and the food was delicious.
When we had finished our meal we walked back to our hotel. As we were walking back and there was a Halloween parade going on!! People were dressed up as witches, devils, skeletons and even people on giant stilts dressed up as bats.

On Friday we looked around the city ( properly this time) and I got on with some serious shopping. 
Although Norwich has about a gazillon shops it has a historic feel to it. There is even a castle which you can look around and its spectacular ( especially in the evening as it has a spooky sort of feel)

On Saturday I went to France for the day *gasp* (yes its possible!!!).
We went to a huge seaside town called Boulogne ( although we didn't see the coast) and its 20 minutes from Calais.
As mentioned earlier Boulogne is huge!! The town center is very funky as there are multi- colored benches and brightly patterned statues.
Shopwise there are lots of French clothes shops, knick knack stores, bakeries and patisseries.
If you go towards the back of Boulogne you will find an old historic side to it with lots of souvenir shops.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

With Halloween just 1 Day away (*gasp*) I thought I would blog about it.

Halloween is also know as All Hallows Eve and is a yearly celebration celebrated on the 31st October ( yes i know we all know this bit,deal with it!!) It is dedicated to the remember the dead e.g saints (hallows). So now we know why people go round dressed up as ghosts and ghoulies but where does trick or treating come into it?

Trick or Treating is a big part of Halloween (especially for children) and is said to have roots of "mumming" (AKA souling).
In Scotland and Ireland trick or treating is known as guising. Children go round houses collection food or coins and guising goes back as far as 1854 in Scotland.

If that's not enough there are even games associated with Halloween. One of the most common games is "apple bobbing". This is where apples "bob" in a large tub of water and people try and get an apple using their teeth.
Another game is where you coat scones in treacle and attach them to a broomstick with string. People then have to try and eat the scones without using their hands.

So that is a bit of background information

Have a happy Halloween everyone!!!