Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Childhood

     A couple of months ago I took part in a blogger chat, where we shared memories from our childhood. 

This gave me inspiration to write a post all about my favourite aspects of my childhood!

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My Childhood



I loved tamagotchi’s and I can remember being really excited when I was bought my first ever Tamagotchi. For those of you who don’t know what a tamagotchi is, it was a little game attached to a key ring and you looked after a “pet” (the tamagotchi character) and helped it to grow up. I always played with my tamagotchi and I was always sad when my tamagotchi died. I collected a different tamagotchi from each edition; right up until edition 6 came out.

Polly Pockets

From a young age, I loved playing with Polly Pockets and I would spend hours in my bedroom playing with them. I would always receive Polly Pockets for my birthday and Christmas and I would use my pocket money to buy my own as well. Over the years I ended up with a HUGE collection of Polly Pockets.

Crazy Bones

I loved collecting crazy bones and by the time I had finished primary school I had a HUGE collection, which I still have to this day. Every year at primary school crazy bones were a massive craze and we used to play them in the playground, until they got banned. Then we would wait another year before the craze started again. You would basically line your crazy bones up against a wall and would try to knock them over and you could play for keeps as well.

Nintendo DS

I got my first very Nintendo DS one Christmas when I was about 8 years old and back then, it was the best piece of technology I owned. Whenever I went on days out I would take my Nintendo to play in the car. On the last day of school where we could all bring a toy in we’d all bring our Nintendo’s in and then spend ages on the chat rooms talking to each other. My favourite DS game has to be My Sims, I loved that game so much!


Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry books were probably the first book series I ever read by myself. I collected most of the books which usually consisted of 4 short stories. All the characters had names to match their personalities, e.g Moody Margaret. I always enjoyed reading Horrid Henry books and seeing what trouble he got into. I even watched the TV series when it came out and I thought they were just as good as the books.

Megastar Mysteries

When I was a bit older I got into the Megastar Mysteries book series and I soon owned all the books in the. The books are about teenage girls solving mysteries involving celebrities, which I enjoyed reading all about. It also had quizzes and advice in the back of the books.

Totally Lucy

The first book I ever read was the 6th one in the series (Style School) and I enjoyed it so much I decided to collect and read all the other books. The Totally Lucy series are about Lucy who wants to be a fashion designer when she grows, and her 2 friends Jules and Matilda.

Jacqueline Wilson

My childhood wouldn’t be complete without Jacqueline Wilson, my all-time favourite childhood author! I have most of her books and I was always taking Jacqueline Wilson books out from the library. I enjoyed the books so much I constantly re-read them and I could probably tell you most stories off by heart. Even in my teens I still collected and read her books and to this day I still have my collection of her books.


Winx Cub

One of my favourite TV series which is all about these girls who are basically fairies and have magical powers. 7 year old me was completed obsessed with winx club, to the point I wanted to Alfea School (where the girls went and trained their fairy powers). I was always excited when the new TV series came out and me and my best friend always played “Winx Club” in the playground at primary school.

Totally Spies

This was another of my favourite TV series which me and my friend was always play in the playground. Totally Spies is about 3 girls who are undercover spies and they would go on all sorts of secret missions. I loved finding out what missions they had to go on and whether they would be successful or not.


This was such an AMAZING TV show! I always wanted to take part in Raven. Raven is about children who would take point in different challenge, If they succeeded they would earn golden rings and if not they would have lives deducted. My favourite part was the challenge at the end (Way of the Warrior, I think it was called), although no one ever succeeded in completing it.


Flying Saucers

These sweets were one of my favourites. I loved how the cheap outer shell would dissolve and you would suddenly get a sharp burst of sherbet. I also liked the pretty pastel colours they came in.

Wham Bars

These were always popular at school discos and we would bring these in on the last day of school. Wham bars come in a variety of different flavours; however my personal favourite is the original one. The original wham bar is bright pink and is a sour raspberry flavour.

Rainbow Drops

Who doesn’t remember/ love rainbow drops! I love these little puffy snacks of rainbow goodness; I would always buy them at the corner shop. They were always perfect for car journeys to munch on.

Were any of the things I mentioned above part of your childhood? What are your memories of your childhood?


stephsalx said...

I relate to almost everything in this post! I used to love playing with Tamogotchi's, especially when I could connect them to Tamogotchi World online. I also collected so many GoGo Crazy Bones and used to play GoGolympics and all sorts of other games with them. The Nintendo DS especially Animal Crossing and Nintendogs, took up a lot of my time as a child. I read a few Horrid Henry and started the Megastar Mysteries books but didn't get anymore than the first three. However, Jacqueline Wilson was my all time favourite author all through out childhood and up until the age I stopped reading them, I had read every single one of her books including her biography! I also used to loooooove Totally Spies- I desperately wanted to be Samantha and she was the human equivalent of my spirit animal- (alter ego???) I really enjoyed this post and it took me back to my childhood :D x

Love Steph x

Nicole Marie said...

I love this post so much! I used to love horrid Henry books but I completely forgot about them. OMG Raven was such a good show!!!! I used to love it so much! This post has so many good memories for me xx

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