Saturday, 6 June 2015

Healthy,Happy Hair

      Yesterday I got my hair cut and it felt so good to have it cut as the last time I had it cut was just a couple of days before christmas!

My new haircut

I got my hair cut at Two Moons hairdressing salon (my local hairdresser), I love going there as its a lovely salon and the staff there are super friendly.  
Before yesterday my hair was practically dead, full of split ends and felt like straw (not a pretty site). However I got a deep conditioning treatment put on my hair, which is like a mousse and some argan oil (its called a conditioning cocktail and it smells super yummy and amazing). My hair feels so much softer and healthier now and I can still smell the treatment in my hair as well.
My hair was quite long but as it was so dead I got it cut up to my shoulders and had it put in a bob.
I love my new hairstyle as my hair looks and feels a million times better and I'm hoping that by having my hair in a bob it wont go everywhere when I wear it down.

Have you had your haircut recently???

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My beauty wishlist

     I can't believe its June already, time is really flying by this year.

Recently I have been wanting some new beauty items so here is my current wishlist.

W7 In the nude eyeshadow palette

I'm really into using nude and natural eyeshadow as part of my eye make-up. This palette caught my eye as it has a wide selection of colours which are perfect for me. It is also considerably cheaper than the Urban Decay Naked palette and the quality is supposed to be just as good.

Maybelline lash sensational waterproof mascara

I've looked at this mascara a couple of times and it's meant to be really good. Its supposed to make your eyelashes really long and give then lots of volume so I'm really keen to purchase it. They have just released a waterproof version which is the one I want as I'm in desperate need of some waterproof mascara (I own none atm)

Clinique super balanced foundation

I also don't own any foundation at the moment and with using clinique as part of my skincare I've decided to buy a foundation as well. I've been given a few samples of the super balanced foundation and its perfect for me. Its very easy to apply (although it does take a bit to fully blend in) and it gives my skin a lovely glow without looking like I've caked my face in make up.

Katy Perry Meow perfume

In my christmas advent calendar I received this as a solid perfume in a locket. It smells so gorgeous (it smells of vanilla and has a lovely musky smell to it) and sweet and I really love sweet scents so now I want a bottle of the perfume. The bottle itself is really cute as well (and its pink, my favourite colour)

Vera Wang Princess perfume

Recently I tried a tester of this perfume in Boots and fell in love with the scent. It's got a lovely floral scent which I like. Again I really like the bottle as well and now I just want a bottle of this perfume.

Well that's my beauty wishlist, I will give you a review once I have bought and tried these products. Do you have a beauty wishlist???