Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tutorial: Life Hacks

Hello, Severina here :)

Recently I have been following all the tutorial accounts on Instagram (I'm sad I know). One of the things I came across on these tutorial accounts is something called "life hacks". Life hacks are basically sneaky and useful tips for life. So here are some of mine:

Search "Youtubeskip" instead of Youtube and you won't get those annoying adverts before a video

Drink a glass of cold water when you first wake up as it wakes you up faster than coffee can

When you have a cold drink Pineapple juice as its more effective than cough syrup

Put your phone on "airplane" mode to save battery life and banish annoying ads from games

To Get rid of a bruise soak a cotton wool ball in vinegar and then apply to bruise

Drink milk to get rid of a spicy taste from your mouth

Put emergency money in an empty lip balm tube

After painting your nails put them in ice water for a few seconds to dry them instantly  

Well those were some of my favourtie "life hacks" and I hope they help you all out

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