Sunday, 31 May 2015

A week in Scotland!

Hello lovelies!
               I have finished all my exams for this year which means I can start blogging regularly again (YAY).

For half term I spent the week on holiday in Scotland in a lovely caravan park called Tralee Bay near Oban.

Here is what I got up to during my week in scotland!


Lock of Lowes (not my photo)

The Ospreys nesting there (not my photo)

Saturday was our first official day in Scotland. We started the day by visiting the nature reserve at the Lock of Lowes. Here they get a pair of Ospreys who nest here every there so we went to see them. This time there were 3 eggs and two of the chicks had already had.

We then looked round the town of Pitlochry and we picked up lunch there.

After lunch we went to Killiecrankie which is where the famous soldiers leap is. Me, my brother and my dad went down and saw the soldiers leap.

soldiers leap


In the morning we looked around the town of Oban (about 10 miles from where we were staying). 

Afterwards we went to Easingdale to look around the Highland shop.


The Atlantic bridge (near Easingdale)
We ate lunch at the Ben Lora cafe (situated in the village of Benderloch, the village we stayed in). The Ben Lora cafe is also a bookshop. We had eaten here the last time we visited and the food is delicious and the staff are really friendly. For my lunch I had a ham and cheese toastie followed by a scone with cream and jam.

The Ben Lora Cafe (not my photo)


Firstly we went to Fort Augustus which is home to the Lock Ness Monster (which we didn't see). We looked around the shops. There is a nice glass shop there which sell ornaments of the Lock Ness Monster and other things.

We then drove up to the Isle of Skye. The scenery, on the drive there, was so beautiful and breath-taking!. The mountains where huge and it made me feel really small and awe-struck. 

The Mountains

The Isle of Skye was stunning in itself. We only had a short drive on the Isle of Skye as we were running out of time. However we will definitely be visiting  the Isle of Skye again!  


Today we went to Knapdale forest. In Knapdale beavers had been released as a project to bring beavers back into Scotland. Knapdale was the "trial site" and the trial lasted from 2009-2014. The project is still ongoing as the data is being collected and then the Scottish Government will make their decision.

Unfortunately we didn't see any beavers while we walked around Knapdale. However we could see signs of beaver activity (such as where the beavers had gnawed the trees).


We visited one of my favourite places in Scotland today, the Isle of Mull. It rained all day on Mull but we still had a lovely day there.

When we got to Mull the first place we visited was Tobermory, famously known as Balamory. We looked around the shops at Tobermory and me and my brother raided the chocolate shop there.


Afterwards we drove around Mull. I love driving around Mull as the scenery is very pretty. Also on Mull you can see Sea Eagles (White tailed Eagles, largest bird of prey in the UK) and Golden Eagles. However due to the rain we didn't see any eagles that day.


Today we drove up to Ardnamurchan which is the very west point of Scotland. On the way there I spotted a Golden Eagle. 

We stopped off at a nature reserve. At the reserve we spotted 2 seals,an otter and 4 porpoise. It is very rare to see otters and porpoise in the wild.

After that we then drove up to the nature centre and me and my brother looked around the exhibition there. On the drive home a pine martin ran across the road and seeing a pine martin in the wild is also a very rare site!

Again the scenery around Ardnamurchan was so beautiful!



Today was our last day in Scotland (*sobs*). In the morning we visited the Barcaldine aquarium. We watched the otters and seals get fed and we saw all the fish in the tanks.

Nemo and Dory

Lewis and Isla, the 2 otters

The Seals

For lunch we ate in the Ben Lora cafe again and I had the same as what I had on Sunday. In the afternoon we had a final look around Oban.

I had an amazing week in Scotland and it was really relaxing. What did you get up to during half term?

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