Thursday, 23 July 2015

5 Things I look forward to in a day

Hello lovelies!

5 Things I look forward to in a day

  1.  Eating: I'm a foodie so eating is definitely something I look forward to. Eating is one of my pleasures I get out of life. I love being able to eat delicious meals and there is nothing better than snacking on some food that you love (for me thats chocolate).
  2. Spending time with my family: Another thing I look forward to is spending time with my family whether its eating together at tea time or having a chat with my mum. On a weekend we sometimes watch a movie in the evening together which I love.
  3. Seeing/Talking/Hanging out with my friends: I love having a good old gossip with my friends either about my life or those irrelevant conversations. Usually I look forward to going to college mainly because I'll see my friends there. I also enjoy having a good time and a laugh with my friends as well.
  4. Going out: Strictly speaking this isn't something I do every day but I still enjoy it. I would much rather go out and be doing something than staying indoors all day. I enjoy being out in the open, there is so much to see each day!
  5. Reading: I love nothing more than reading a good book. It gives me time to escape from the hectic world for a bit. I also get really into the story and for me reading is very relaxing.

What are the 5 things you look forward to in a day?



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