Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Womens Day- Be Bold for Change


Every year on the 8th March International Womens Day is celebrated across the world. Some people think this day is sexist and the most frequent question asked is “Why isn’t there an International Mens Day?” However as J.K Rowling kindly pointed out there is an International Mens Day, it’s on November 19th.

International Womens Day isn’t about women saying they’re better than men. It’s about celebrating women's achievement, speaking out for those who don’t have a voice, and most importantly, empowering one another. 
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Sadly in today’s society gender inequality still exists across the world. A misogynist was elected as president, Russia has decriminalised domestic abuse, America is stopping funding for abortions and millions of women are still denied their basic human rights. Change needs to happen, people need to speak up and fight to put an end to these inequalities.

However, as well as fighting for equality, International Womens Day is about celebrating achievement. We are surrounded by hundreds of empowering women, all of whom have amazing strength, courage and bravery (my personal favourites are Rupi Kaur and Emma Watson). They are our role models, they show us what we can achieve and how great women really are. 

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Be bold for change

International Womens Day always has a theme and this year the theme is Be Bold for Change. Personally, I think this is a brilliant theme as we do need to be bold in asking for change.

Back when women didn’t have the right to vote the suffragettes were bold. They protested for change and eventually women had the right to vote.

More recently, hundreds of women all over the world protested in the women’s marches, showing solidarity with one another and fighting for gender equality.

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This year it’s more important than ever for women to stick together and support each other. Too often, girls see other girls as their competition and compare their lives against other girls. We need to stand by each other, support each other and help each other to grown.

When we feel empowered we have the ability and the strength to empower others.

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abbeylouisarose said...

Wow, what a fantastically written and powerful post!! You explained everything so well! How feminism is a movement for EQUALIRY and not SUPERIORITY is such an important thing which a lot of people misunderstand but you've encapsulated that perfectly here. I also agree that it's so heartening to see big names such as Emma Watson stand up for feminism, and to see thousands of women participating in women's marches to stand up for their sisters! If we keep clubbing together, real positive changes can be made even in the face of people like Trump! Thanks so much for writing this, it was an inspiring read!

Abbey ��