Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Martin Luther King's famous speech started with " I have a dream". Also Disney's Tangled has a song in it called " I have a dream" and the main theme is about following your dreams. In case you haven't guessed this post is all about dreams. Last Christmas I received a necklace as a present and it has live your dreams engraved on it. I wear that necklace pretty much all the time as it has such an important message. When we sleep at night we dream. Everyday we have dreams about becoming famous, acing that test, getting the perfect boyfriend ect. Dreams are what inspires us in life and motivate us to do well. My french teacher once told are class a quote (which is now one of my favorites): prend ton temps pour rever, c'est le chemib qui mene aux etoiles and this translates to take time to dream for its the path to the stars. So no matter how big or small follow your dream and once you have lived your dream, go live another one.

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