Monday, 7 October 2013

My Beauty Faves

For ages I have wanted a foundation and a few weeks ago I got one. As I have pale skin this one fitted the bill. Its easy to apply and gives my face a healthy glow. Also it helps to clarify the skin so not only does it give your skin a flawless coverage but helps fights spots a well!!! Defiantly worth buying 

I love mascara and needed one with a more thicker brush when I found this one, its perfect. It makes your lashes really long and gives them volume. Also as you apply it, it doesn't go clumpy.

Face care
A few months ago I went through a crisis as i wrecked my face (used a rubbish face mask from a magazine- DON'T USE FREEIBE FACE MASKS) and it was all flaky (yuccky). However while out on a shopping trip i came across the Johnsons face care. Johnsons is great for sensitive skin so i bought the face wash, face scrub and moisturizer and they work. The moisturizer is my favorite as its creamy without being to thick and really moisturizes my face. Thumbs up from me

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taylor swift perfume. It comes in a cute bottle and smells lush. Also it smells of peaches and vanilla= gorgeous combination. The soap of glory body sprays are the best and smell lovely. The Glam a lot one (purple/ grey one) has a lovely musky smell so i use this one as my everyday body spray. The mist you madly is my fave as it has such a sweet smell and OMG comes in a pink bottle. They are defiantly worth buying. 

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