Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hello, Autumn

Hello lovelies,
               Summer is practically over and Autumn is fast approaching. Although it gets colder and more darker there are lots of things to love about Autumn. While scrolling through what I could blog about Autumn, I came across the Autumn questions which I will answer.

Favourite Autumn Lip Product? Carmex
With the weather getting colder my lips are more prone to getting chapped. Carmex really helps my lips stay moisturized and stops them from becoming chapped.

Favourite Autumn Nail Varnish? Nail strengthener
 I don't really wear nail varnish colours for seasons (I know I'm very unfashionable :') ). However if I had to pick with something I would go with nail strengthener. It helps keeps my nails long,strong and stops them from breaking so easily.

Favourite Autumn Starbucks Drink? Hot chocolate
 Like nail varnish I don't drink drinks that are "seasonal". However as the weather gets colder I love to drink hot chocolates. They are sweet and delicious and warm me right up.

Favourite Autumn Candle? None

I don't burn candles so I can't comment

Favourite Autumn Scarf/ Accessory? My furry leather jacket

I got this jacket a couple of years ago as a Christmas present and I love it. Its furry and fluffy on the inside and it keeps me really warm. In fact its one of my favourite coats I own.

Haunted House, Haunted Corn Maze or Haunted Hag Ride? Haunted House
Don't know what a haunted hag ride is. With a haunted corn maze there are dead ends and if you get trapped in a dead end you've had it. I've been in haunted houses in theme parks and I'm not that creeped out by them. However if I was staying in a real life haunted house I would take my friends with me (just in case)

Favourite Halloween Movie? Corpse Bride
Ok so it isn't exactly a halloween movie. However I do watch it around this time of year and I love it!!!

Favourite Sweets to eat on Halloween? Screme Eggs
This is definitely my favourite by far. I love creme eggs and the halloween edition ones are the best (especially with the green goo inside).

Dressing up for Halloween? Sailor Moon

I never go trick or treating but if i was going to a halloween party I would dress up as Sailor Moon.

Favourite things about Autumn?
This photo pretty much sums up everything I love about Autumn.

Well that's all the things I love about Autumn, what are your favourite things about Autumn

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