Saturday, 11 October 2014

My Autumn Fashion Staples

   Autumn is here which means bye bye summer clothes and hello autumn clothes. Here are my fashion staples for autumn.

Layered Clothes
Jumper- Bank
Navy blue dress- M&S

Dress- Metro Outlet
Jumper- Shop in France

Shirt- H&M
Vest top- Tesco

With the temperatures becoming increasingly colder its time to layer up. Layering your clothes not only looks stylish but it helps to keep you warm as well. Also with the British weather forever changing you can add/take off layers if you need to.

Fur Lined Leather Jackets
Left- M&S
Right- Shop in France

These are my favourite jackets that I own. They are both lined with soft fur so it's super snuggly and keeps me super warm. The leather also helps to keep me warm as well as its thick. My right jacket is even waterproof (though I wouldn't go out in the rain in it) which I unexpectedly discovered on wednesday.


Scarves are a fashion must for autumn. They help keep out the chilly winds and can go with just about any outfit.

All from BHS

As it gets wetter and wetter its time to put away my canvas,summer trainers. A couple of months ago I bought these 3 pairs of boots ready for autumn and winter. They are all sturdy and will help keep my feet dry when it rains.

These were my fashion staples for autumn,what are yours?

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