Friday, 28 November 2014

10 Favourite Foods

Hello sweethearts,
                 Sorry I haven't posted for a while I have been very busy with college work!
I saw this post on a blog and it looked fun (especially because it's about food) so I thought I would do one myself. Here are my 10 Favourite Foods.

Out of every single kind of food chocolate is by far my favourite. I'm a massive chocoholic and my favourite brand is Galaxy. Stating the obvious but chocolate tastes amazing and it boosts your happy system. I could eat chocolate all day long and it's something I could never get bored or sick of constantly eating

My 2nd biggest weakness is chips, despite them being unhealthy. I usually have them once a week from the canteen. I prefer chips to french fries and I love chips with salt, vinegar and tomato sauce.

3.Pizza(Ham and Pineapple)
I actually like most types of pizza's but my favourite is ham and pineapple. Some people dislike it but I love the sweet and savory combination. I also like a pan crust instead of the thin crust

Risotto is one of my favourite dishes and its healthy! My parents make the best bacon and pea risotto and it just tastes amazing. There are many different risotto types out there but the one I love is the one my parents make.

Considering my blog is named "Sweet Strawberries" I had to have strawberries as one of my favourite foods (and I love them anyway). Strawberries are very sweet and what I call "natures candy". The best way to eat strawberries is when they are in season and ripe or with fresh cream.

Another one of my favourite fruits is raspberries. Some people don't like them as they have a sharp taste but that's the reason I love them. I especially like raspberries on a meringue with cream or on weetabix.

7.Chicken Tikka Masala
I'm quite fond of curries but my all time favourite is chicken tikka masala. I don't like spicy curries but creamy ones and chicken tikka masala is a very creamy curry. There is a curry house in York called the Mumbai Lounge and they do the best chicken tikka masala curry I've every tasted.

Cupcakes are one of my favourite sweet treats especially since I can cook them myself. My favourite time to have a cupcake is when I'm having a cup of tea. However my favourite type of cupcake are red velvet cupcakes (particularly the ones from Tesco as they are so delicious)

9.Chicken Parmesan (Parmo)
In the region that I live in chicken Parmesan or a parmo is a specialty. It's basically chicken with melted parmesan cheese on top. The pizza takeaway shop I live near do the best chicken parmo's ever. They taste really nice with garlic sauce as well (and a side of chips and salad if you want to be healthy)

10.Ice Cream
From a young age I've always loved ice cream and eat it regardless what time of year it is. My favourite flavour has to be Ben and Jerry's cookie dough.

Well these are my 10 favourite foods. I hope I haven't made you too hungry whilst reading this post. What are your 10 favourite foods?

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