Monday, 3 November 2014

My Half Term (NCS)

     I hope you all had an amazing half term, did any of you do anything nice? I had an amazing half term- mainly because it was so action packed.

During half term I did the NCS course (well I'm still doing it) which stands for National Citizen Service where I did it with the local group Imagine You Can TV. NCS is where you go on a residential trip for 4 days. When you get back you do media work around your trip. You also do social action where you go out and help out within your community. At the end of it you graduate. I'm here to talk about the residential trip and the media/social action.

On Monday 27th October I went to Peat Rigg (near Pickering) for 4 days. When we arrived we did the general introduction,paperwork, getting our rooms ect. During this I made friends with 2 lovely girls.

new friends (Danni-middle and Georgia-left)
After tea we did our evening activity which was orienteering in the dark. We were split into 3 groups (mine was called Good Team Name) and given head torches. I had lots of fun running around fields (some with sheep in!!!) and climbing half way up a steep hill in the dark.

Tuesday 28th October
In the morning we did something called the crate stack challenge. This is where your in harnesses and you make 3 columns of crates. The aim is to build this columns up to the top and then ring a bell. My friend Danni was my partner and unfortunately I knocked a column over!!! However we still managed to make it to the top.

In the afternoon we did zip lining and tree climbing. I loved zip lining! We got 2 go's and on my 2nd go I zip lined upside down which was really fun and thrilling. Although I enjoyed tree climbing I found this more difficult as it was hard to know where to place your hands and feet but I still made it to the top.

Our evening activity was the night line. The night line is an assault course you do, whilst crawling on the ground and being blindfolded. It was quite scary as you had to feel your way around and you had no idea where you where. However I still enjoyed it

Wednesday 29th October
This morning we did archery which I was a bit rubbish at. When we did archery we did mini games like who could pop the balloons and there was one where you all draw a picture and the aim was to try and hit other people's pictures.

Action Shot

In the afternoon we went canoeing along the river Esk. It was great as we canoed up the river and then played water polo. At 1 point our canoe very nearly capsized!!!

Canoeing with the girls
Thursday 30th October
Today was our last day (*sobs*). In the morning we did a range of mini team activities. On of them was where we were on the low ropes obstacle course and we had to carry a bucket of water around with us. We were doing well until someone dropped the bucket.

After that we got a mini bus and went to a bridge where we absailed off it. I was so scared on my first go but once I was going down I was fine with it. On my 2nd go I absailed upside down which was so cool and surprisingly relaxing.

Absailing off a bridge

We got back did presentations and then went home.

Friday 31st October 
Today I got to go on a river trip to PD Ports along the river Tees. It was fascinating learning all about the industry on the river.

The group with the harbour master
and me not looking at the camera as usual.

Also up until Sunday we spent the past few days writing news paper articles (I wrote 2),editing and interviewing.

Also we planned are social action which we are doing over the next few weekends. We are helping EarthBeat rejuvenate a primary school which they are converting into a theater. EarthBeat is a drama group which is made up of adults with learning disabilities.

Overall it was such an amazing week and I made lots of new friends.

New friends


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