Thursday, 25 December 2014

❆Christmas Blogging: Christmas Day❆


Merry christmas everyone, I hope you had a fantastic christmas and got everything you wanted. I had a brilliant christmas and was very lucky to be spoilt by my family.

Like always I woke up at 6am (Christmas and my birthday are the only times I will willingly wake up early) to open my stocking. It was filled with lots of lovely presents that made me very happy indeed. My favourite present, out of my stocking, was I had got 2 Miss Manga Mascara's which I was very very very happy with as mine has run out.

My Stocking Presents

After my parents and brother had woken up, me and my brother gave each us and our parents their presents. We then went to the top room where me and my brother opened our main presents. Here are a few things that I got for christmas.

I love reading and am a massive book fan. So I got lots of books off my brother and parents. You can spot at the bottom the new Jacqueline Wilson book, I don't care how I old I am she is still my all time favourite author. With all these books it should keep me busy reading until next christmas!

I also got quite a few DVD's for christmas as well. I have been dying to see the breakfast club and hairspray for ages so I'm really glad I got them for christmas. I have also seen TFIOS and Divergent and I really enjoyed watching them.

If you don't know already I'm a massive of Soap and Glory products. This year I got 2 gift sets. I got the huge one they always do and the Sugar Crush one. The big one contains a variety of products and the Sugar Crush one contains a mini bottle of shower gel and a mini tub of body butter. I have used the Sugar Crush shower gel before and I love it as it smells like a lemonade float.

Now that I'm in college and don't have to wear a uniform I paint my nails frequently. However the only problem is they take ages to dry. I'm really glad I got a nail dryer as it means my nails will dry much quicker so I can't wait to try it out.

This is a benefit face gift set filled with mini samples. It contains: face wash,toning lotion,eye cream,moisturizer, face emulsion and face polish. I'm really excited to try these all out but I will have to wait a couple of weeks as my skin is currently undergoing a crisis and is in the process of healing.

I got 2 pairs of fluffy slippers and PJ's off my grandparents which I adore (and they are pink!). I had no pairs of slippers and now I have 2 cute pairs. Also I love fluffy PJ's as they are exceptionally snuggly and cosy during the cold winter months. Plus I needed a couple more pairs as well.

For my room I got some Bunny Mood lights. When I turn them on they glow a lovely pink colour. I have placed them on my shelf and they look lovely when they glow and it makes my room a pretty colour.

These are my new clothes I got for christmas and BTW the top left picture is a skort. They are all thick so they will keep me cosy during the winter and a girl can never ever have too many clothes.

For me christmas isn't christmas without receiving a tonne of sweets and chocolate. Each year I get loads which last me until half way through January. I got a wide selection this year and they are all my favourites.

After opening them all me and my brother still had one present which is the one "we desired the most". However they had been hidden somewhere in the top room and we had to wait until after breakfast to find them. After breakfast we raced back upstairs and began the search and we eventually found them.

I got a new phone (NO MORE PAY AS YOU GO, YES :D) and my brother got and XBOX 360. I'm really looking forward to using my new phone as I have wanted a new one for ages.

In the afternoon we all sat down and had our christmas dinner which was absolutely delicious!

Well that was my lovely christmas day, I hope you had a lovely christmas as well.

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