Saturday, 14 March 2015

Current Everyday Make Up

      Sorry for not blogging in a while, I've been busy with college work. Anyway today I thought I would show the my current make up that I use.

Current Everyday Make Up

Eye shadow

Bourjois eye shadow in triple rose
For eye shadow I use the Bourjois triple rose palette and I use the middle one. It's a very natural and light colour which I'm very into with eyeshadow. Also it gives my eye lids a bit of colour to them as well and looks really pretty.


Miss Manga Mascara
This is possibly the best mascara I own and use. It makes my eyelashes super long whilst giving them plenty of volume at the same time. The wand is flexible which makes it very easy to apply.


Benefit Dandelion
Strictly speaking this is actually face illumination power but it works really well as a blusher. It's quite a light colour but when applied it gives my cheeks a lovely healthy glow.


Benefit Bene-Balm
I got this for christmas and I was unsure about using at first as its quite bright. However I soon fell in love with it as it gives your lips a natural tint and it really suits my lips. Also it moisturizes my lips rather than dry them out.

Well that's my current everyday make up, whats yours?



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