Tuesday, 31 March 2015

❤March Favourites❤

      Its the last day of March and the weather is being very temperamental where I live. One minute it's sunny and the next its pouring with rain. 

Anyway here are my monthly favourites, for this month

Clinique- Take the day off
cleansing milk
This is one of the best make-up removers I have used. Its a cleansing milk which means its not harsh but gently removes make-up. You apply to your face, leave for a few minutes and then wash off. Also this make-up remover stops your skin from drying it, an added bonus.

Bourjois- Smokey eyes
eyeshadow palette 
Recently I have changed how I do my eye make-up so I started using this. I use the bronze coloured eye shadow (top left) which makes my eyes stand out and gives a glow to them.

Superdrug- Strawberry and
Raspberry shower gel
This shower gel smells just like sweets and its pink! It lathers very quickly and leaves your skin feeling clean without feeling dried out. Its strong smelling (in a good way) which means you can still smell it on your skin afterwards.

Soap and Glory- Hand Cream
My hands have been quite dry lately and this has done a super job of moisturizing them. Its smells really nice as well.

Well those are my monthly favourite products

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