Saturday, 6 June 2015

Healthy,Happy Hair

      Yesterday I got my hair cut and it felt so good to have it cut as the last time I had it cut was just a couple of days before christmas!

My new haircut

I got my hair cut at Two Moons hairdressing salon (my local hairdresser), I love going there as its a lovely salon and the staff there are super friendly.  
Before yesterday my hair was practically dead, full of split ends and felt like straw (not a pretty site). However I got a deep conditioning treatment put on my hair, which is like a mousse and some argan oil (its called a conditioning cocktail and it smells super yummy and amazing). My hair feels so much softer and healthier now and I can still smell the treatment in my hair as well.
My hair was quite long but as it was so dead I got it cut up to my shoulders and had it put in a bob.
I love my new hairstyle as my hair looks and feels a million times better and I'm hoping that by having my hair in a bob it wont go everywhere when I wear it down.

Have you had your haircut recently???

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