Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Favourite Bloggers

Hi everyone!
            Recently I have been discovering more and more new blogs.

Here are some of my favourite blogs and bloggers, who you should all be following (after reading this post though :) )

Alice from Dainty Alice

Alice has such a unique blog which is why I love it so much! She blogs about anything from the latest beauty products to her new plant she recently bought, and she does a load of different series (my personal favourite is the "That sucks"). Not only does Alice blog but she is super talented when it comes to graphics (Alice designed my blog header for me as a present, THANK YOU SO MUCH) and has a load of free graphics you can use which are available on her blog (just make sure you link the graphics back to her blog). Alice also runs the hilarious #Misfitbloggers chat on tuesday, 6pm. I love the misfitblogger chat as the topics are very funny and I've been lucky enough to guest host one of the chats myself.

Steph from Love Steph x

Steph runs a fantastic blog and she always says lovely things about me on her blog (THANK YOU!). She has recently changed her blog layout which is simple yet chic. Steph blogs about anything ranging from lifestyle to beauty posts and she also posts really useful information and general tips. She also has alot of unique posts on her blog which I always enjoy reading

Hattie from Hattie's Little World

I always enjoy having a read through Hattie's blog. Hattie is currently at university and she has done lots of useful posts all about university and university tips, which I find very useful as I'll hopefully be starting university in September. Hattie always finds interesting things to blog about which is why I love her blog so much!

Sarah from A teacholic blog

Sarah is a primary school teacher and she inspires me everyday (especially as I want to become a primary school teacher). What I love about Sarah's blog the most is her passion for teaching shines through it. Seeing her blog about a job she loves just inspires me and is a reminder of exactly why I want to become a teacher. However her blog isn't just about teaching, she also writes a lot of witty posts which are really enjoyable to read.

Not only do all these bloggers have amazing blogs but they are incredible people as well. They are all so lovely, positive and friendly and have made me feel really welcome into the blogger community.

If you haven't already I highly recommend having a read through their blogs!

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