Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Favourite Bloggers #2

Hi lovelies!
            About a month ago I shared with you my favourite bloggers (LINK TO POST: over the past month I've discovered some more bloggers who've become my favourite. 

Jemma- Dorkface


I’ve been reading Jemma’s blog for a few months now and I love her blog! It’s so unique and is filled with lots of useful and amazing posts. Jemma is such a lovely and incredible person, she’s super talented and designs her own graphics and stickers (She sells sticker packets on ETSY and I highly recommend checking them out:

(Graphics created by the super talented Jemma)
As well as having a blog Jemma is also the creator of the lovely #thegirlgang community on twitter. I’ve been a member for just under 6 months and I love the girl gang community. The girl gang community is filled with so much positivity and support, I’m proud to be a member!


Effi’s blog is another blog I’ve been loving recently. Effi’s blog, Sparkleberry, has so many excellent posts from healthy recipes to her travels in Europe. As well as having a brilliant bog Effi is an amazing person! Seeing how healthy and happy Effi is, is an inspiration to me and I reminder that I should look after my physical and mental well being.

Nicole- Thrifty Vintage Fashion

I love reading Nicole’s blog and I always check out her latest posts. Nicole blogs about a range of topics, including mental health. I’m so glad Nicole blog’s about mental health as it’s so so important to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health problems. Nicole also runs the #SpeakUp project on her blog where other bloggers share issues that affect young people (I’m taking part and my piece will be shared in Nicole’s in August, so keep a look out!). Nicole is one of the loveliest bloggers that I know and she’s always there to offer advice and is always supportive.

Please check out these bloggers as they are all wonderful, talented people and their blogs deserve a read! Who are your favourite bloggers?

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Nicole Marie said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me! It means a lot! I loved your #SpeakUp post and I look forward to sharing it on the blog in August xx

Thrifty vintage fashion