Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My experience of secondary education

Hello lovelies!
               Friday was a milestone for me as I officially left 6th form (attached to my old school) and I’ve attended the same place for 7 years. I want to share with you my past 7 years in secondary education.

Secondary education is a big part of life, especially as you’re growing up and changing throughout your time at school/ college.

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Moving up to secondary school was such a big jump for me, I had moved a long way from my old friends and there were only 2 of us from primary school going up into the same secondary school. Slowly I adjusted to the routine of school.

I went through so much and learnt so much over those 5 years. School wasn’t always easy for me and I struggled at times, but I still enjoyed my experience. I was picked on a lot but I also made lots of new friends. I had some of the best and worst memories there, but most of all I learnt.

I learned which would be my favourite subjects (DRAMA). I’ll never forget the day I had my very 1st lesson in drama and from then on my passion and love for the subject grew and grew.


Although I still attended the same place, moving up from school to college was another big jump for me. I was actually quite relieved to be starting college as it was a fresh start for me. It gave me chance to put what I’d been through behind me and move on.

Whilst I was far, far happier at college, I still found it challenging. However I’ve also had 2 amazing years at college and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

You hear everyone go on about how there is a big gap from doing GCSES’S to starting A-levels. At first I just nodded in agreement but it was only throughout the past 2 years I realised how big the gap actually is. If you think studying 3 to 4 subjects at A-level is far easier than doing 11 subjects at GCSE, then think again. I learnt how hard you have to work and all time and effort you have to put in outside of college, whilst studying for you’re A-levels.

I won’t lie to you here, I found that it can be difficult adjusting to how much more work you need to put in and at times I found it really tiring. However putting all the work in now really does pay off, it feels so good to know you’ve achieved purely by working hard. Hard work paid off for me as I got an offer off my top choice university and I’m currently revising for my A-level exams, which start in just over a week.

Another thing I learnt was friendships can change a lot whilst being at college. At the start of college the majority of my group went their separate ways, some of which I’m no longer in touch with. There were 4 of us starting college together. By our second year at college it was down to me and one other friend. I found this really difficult as I’ve sometimes really struggled to make new friends but I still made a few new friends. However I was lucky with still attending the same place as I still saw a lot of my other friends who were in other year groups.

So if you’re at college and your friendship group begins to dramatically change then don’t worry. When starting college you’ll meet new people and make lots of new friends.

What I’ll miss most about college is all the little things, which are probably what count the most for me. I’ll miss all the jokes, laughter and good memories I have with all my classes, I’ll miss the times I could actually relax during free periods and I’ll miss being there in general.

Wow, I think I’ve been quite nostalgic throughout this post!

To anyone in school or college here some advice I’ll give you:
  • Even if you really hate school/ college or are having a rough time, try to enjoy it. I found despite going through dark times I still had a lot of great times. Hopefully, one day you’ll look back and remember the great memories you have of being at school/ college.
  • Work hard, I know you’ll hear this off everyone and will get sick of hearing it but trust me, it really does pay off
  • Enjoy and appreciate all the little things, they might seem insignificant at the time but it’s the little things that can form the best memories.
I hope you enjoyed reading! What are your memories from secondary education?

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Nicole Marie said...

Well done for getting an offer at your top of university lovely that is great to hear! I totally agree with the advice you have in this post, especially about appreciating the small things that seem insignificant. I loved my bus journeys home with my best friend because we always used to have such a laugh xx

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