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Hello! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I'm really busy with university and university is now my top priority!

Bullying, it’s a word nearly all of us are familiar with us. Some of us might have been bullied or been a witness to bullying. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and I wanted to do a post about bullying.

I was bullied throughout my time at secondary school, however rather than focus on my personal story and I want to talk more generically about bullying. Hopefully this post will educate you about bullying.

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Bullying can start off fairly minor such as name calling and humiliating someone. However if it’s not dealt with quickly enough then it can soon escalate as more people join in and it can suddenly become very serious.

No one EVER deserves to be bullied. Bullying very often can have long lasting and harmful effects on the victim; in extreme cases bullying has led to someone taking their own life. Whilst bullying is a topic most people are aware of it still isn’t taken seriously as it should be.

Bullies typically go after people they think are weaker than them or who are more vulnerable. However people can be bullied for all sorts of reasons: race, personality, sexuality, ethnicity ect. Likewise people can bully others for all sorts of reasons: insecurities, been bullied themselves, family problems ect.

The 3 main types of bullying are:

Verbal: This is upsetting someone by repeatedly using verbal actions such as hurtful words/ phrases, discriminatory language. It can also include signs

Indirect: This is a more subtle form of bullying as you can’t directly see or hear it. It can include: isolating someone, spreading rumours, sharing secrets, physical intimidation

Physical: This involves the victim being hit, punched, slapped, kicked ect

Bullying statistics:

· 50% of young people have experienced bullying, of which 45% was experienced before the age of 18

· 38% of young people believe their school, college, university doesn’t take bullying seriously

· 83% of those bullied has problems with their self esteem

The fact that 50% of young people experience bullying is shocking, some people say its “natural” and it’s part of school/ life growing up, yet people don’t realise how upsetting bullying can be. Too often I hear the phrases “it’s only a joke” or “we didn’t mean it” and it really frustrates me! A joke is only funny if everyone finds it funny and that includes the person on the receiving end of the joke. Deliberately targeting someone repeated and then having a laugh at their expense is bullying.

School’s always educate people about bullying, the anti-bullying policies they have in place and what to do if you’re being bullying, yet too often people feel as though bullying isn’t taken as seriously as it should. Too often victims are the ones that are blamed and “it’s their fault anyway” for being bullied (another phrase that angers me) and are left too frightened to tell anyone. Victims should NEVER EVER be blamed for bullying, they need help and so does the bully.

If you see someone being bullied, NEVER just stand back! You should always try and help the person who is being bullied, as not only does this show them that people care for them but it can also make a huge difference!

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If you’re being bullied or know someone who is being bullied then here’s the advice I would give you:

· Tell someone: You need to do this ASAP to stop bullying from escalating. You might feel frightened or that no one will listen, but trust me someone out there will listen and will care about what you’re going through. Sometimes by simply talking about what you’re going through and someone offering their support can make a big difference

· Stay positive: This one’s really hard, I know! It’s important to remember that bullying won’t last forever, it will eventually stop and it will get better. Also remember that, people still love you and care about you.

· Words don’t define: It can be incredibly difficult to ignore what the bullies are saying about you! It’s never true what they are saying about you and you are worth so much more than what they say about you. Whatever the bullies say about you, DEFINETLY doesn’t define who you are!

Even though bullied destroyed my self esteem and confidence, I've slowly built it back up. I've now fully accepted I am the person that I am and I love myself for that. 3 years on and I'm a far stronger than I was before!

I hope this post has given you an insight into bullying.


elizabeth said...

Such a wonderful article Sweet! I wish I had known more about bullying when I moved primary schools when younger, I didn't recognise it as something that shouldn't happen, instead, I just projected it on to me internally and wondered what was wrong with me as other people weren't being treated like this >< I thought it was just normal behaviour until I was in secondary school and was amazed to find people in the same boat, on their own and eager to make friends ^^ nowadays I find it more difficult to make friends but at least I know to speak out about bullying and help others :D xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

Severina said...

Aw thank you Liz! I'm glad this post has helped you! :D xx