Monday, 10 October 2016

World Mental Health Day 2016

Hi lovelies!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ll know that mental health is an important topic to me and one I’m very passionate about. I’ve written several posts linked to mental health and I’m currently running the “Lets talk about mental health” series on my blog.

It’s SO important to talk about mental health and to be aware of the different types of mental health problems people can face. This helps to reduce misconceptions and social stigma.

Mental health doesn’t discriminate. We all have mental health and mental health problems can affect anyone at any given time. Yet despite this there is still so many misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health. Sadly 9/10 people who suffer from mental health face discrimination. Mental health problems are too often just brushed to the side as people believe its “all in your head” or just “think positively”. People don’t often realise how complex mental health issues are and that there isn’t a simple or easy solution to mental health problems.

Another reason people don’t always understand mental illnesses is because they are invisible. People are more likely to receive sympathy if they have a broken limb compared to someone who is suffering from depression. What people often forget is that just because you can’t physically see a mental illness, it doesn’t make it any less valid than a physical illness.

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Fortunately we now live in a society where people are far more aware of mental health and people are generally a lot more understanding. People are becoming aware of the different mental health problems people can face. I know lots of bloggers who speak openly about mental health and they write some of the most inspirational posts I’ve ever seen.

There’s lots of things you can do to help end the stigma surrounding mental health and to help people who may be suffering from a mental illness:

· Be there for the person- They might not want to talk about what they are going through, but by offering your support and being there for them will mean a lot to them. By being there for the person you’re showing them they don’t have to go through it alone

· Advise them to get help- This one you have to be careful with, as mental illnesses are a very sensitive and personal issue. If you are really worried about someone try very gently suggesting they should receive some support. People who are suffering need help to overcome their problems

· Educate yourself- By educating yourself on the different mental illnesses you’ll have a far better understanding. It will also help git rid of any misconceptions you have about mental health

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Finally, to anyone who is currently suffering from a mental illness, you are STRONG and BRAVE. You can get through this and you’re NOT alone.

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