Saturday, 26 October 2013

20 Fun Facts about ME!!!

Hello!!! I'm excited because its half term and I go away for part of it :D. Are any of you doing anything nice? - going trick or treating?

Well today's post is quite random as it is 20 facts about me and here they are:

1. I'm called Severina
2. I have blondish hair
3. I wear braces (though they will soon be off YAY)
4. I'm a junk food addict (particularly chips) 
5. My weak spot is chocolate
6. I'm obsessed with Japan's kawaii culture
7. My favorite color is pink
8. My favorite animal is a meerkat
9. My favorite song is "Lets Go" By Calvin  Harris feat Neyo ( Its got a great tune and I LOVE the lyrics)
10. I'm secretly scared of the dark
11. I love drama ( its my favorite and number 1 subject :D)
12. I'm obsessed with Soap and Glory ( its smells amazing and is sooooo good)
13. I'm really eccentric and bubbly (if you have met me you will know this is true and its mentioned in my blog profile)
14. I have diverse fashion sense from girly to punky
15. I like baking
16. I'm terrified of spiders
17. My favorite movie is Up 
18. My favorite author is Dyan Sheldon
19.I prefer Tea instead of coffee
20. I love Christmas

So here are my 20 facts (sorry some are quite random)

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