Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

With Halloween just 1 Day away (*gasp*) I thought I would blog about it.

Halloween is also know as All Hallows Eve and is a yearly celebration celebrated on the 31st October ( yes i know we all know this bit,deal with it!!) It is dedicated to the remember the dead e.g saints (hallows). So now we know why people go round dressed up as ghosts and ghoulies but where does trick or treating come into it?

Trick or Treating is a big part of Halloween (especially for children) and is said to have roots of "mumming" (AKA souling).
In Scotland and Ireland trick or treating is known as guising. Children go round houses collection food or coins and guising goes back as far as 1854 in Scotland.

If that's not enough there are even games associated with Halloween. One of the most common games is "apple bobbing". This is where apples "bob" in a large tub of water and people try and get an apple using their teeth.
Another game is where you coat scones in treacle and attach them to a broomstick with string. People then have to try and eat the scones without using their hands.

So that is a bit of background information

Have a happy Halloween everyone!!!

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