Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Books, Books, Books


From a young age I have loved reading books!!! I own a load of books ( my bookshelf is collapsing to due to how many I have!!). As I'm a Teenager I'm addicted to Teen Fiction so here are some of my top reads:

Paper Aeroplanes By Dawn O'Porter

Background: It is set in 1994 with 2 Tudor Falls girls, Renee and Flo. Flo is a goody, goody, lives in the shadow of her controlling best friend and her Mum refuses to look after her and her younger Sister. Renee is rebellious, lives with her strict grandparents and her 2 best friends dont even care about her. When Renee and Flo meet a very extraordinary friendship forms.

My Opinion: I loved reading this book and just couldn't put it down. Its very realistic and relates to teenage life very well. Also you really feel for Renee and Flo.

Torn: Cat Clarke
Background: Alice goes on a school trip to the Scottish wilderness. She shares a room with her best friend Cass, Emo Rae, Socially Rejected Polly and popular Tara. One of these girls is killed in man slaughter and the rest of the book is about living with the guilt

My Opinion: Wow, wow, wow!!! This is one of the best books I have ever read. I love the main storyline and all the sub plots that unfold. Again I couldn't put this book down and I strongly recommend to read this book, NOW!!!

Confessions of a Teenage drama queen: Dyan Sheldon
Background: Kooky Lola (Mary) moves from New York to New Jersy (AKA deadwood). Lola dreams of becoming an actress. At her new school she becomes best friends with Ella, battles with the Great Santini eg Carla and gets the lead role in the school play.

My Opinion: Dyan Sheldon is one of my favorite authors and this is the best book I have read of hers ( Its my favorite as well so double points) I also own all of her books she has written. I could strongly relate with Lola ( I feel I am like Lola)

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