Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Half Term

Hello all!!! I hope you all had a wonderful half term. Like many of you I'm back at school tomorrow blergh :( ( although I do get to see my friends again)

So for the past 4 days of half term I was away (woooooooo) and this is what I got up to.

On Halloween (Thursday) I arrived in the beautiful city of Norwich. I spent the evening and the most of Friday exploring the city.

On Thursday we looked around the city and I can find the words to it! It has lots of well known shops such as Primark, Topshop, Waterstones, Boots, Lush ect. However it does have lots of little quirky and unique shops that can be found down the side streets. It even has its own Market which sell a wide range of items.

That evening we ate in a lovely restaurant called Bella Italia and the food was delicious.
When we had finished our meal we walked back to our hotel. As we were walking back and there was a Halloween parade going on!! People were dressed up as witches, devils, skeletons and even people on giant stilts dressed up as bats.

On Friday we looked around the city ( properly this time) and I got on with some serious shopping. 
Although Norwich has about a gazillon shops it has a historic feel to it. There is even a castle which you can look around and its spectacular ( especially in the evening as it has a spooky sort of feel)

On Saturday I went to France for the day *gasp* (yes its possible!!!).
We went to a huge seaside town called Boulogne ( although we didn't see the coast) and its 20 minutes from Calais.
As mentioned earlier Boulogne is huge!! The town center is very funky as there are multi- colored benches and brightly patterned statues.
Shopwise there are lots of French clothes shops, knick knack stores, bakeries and patisseries.
If you go towards the back of Boulogne you will find an old historic side to it with lots of souvenir shops.

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