Saturday, 28 December 2013

♫What would life be without a song♫


Music plays a massive part in my crazy life. I have loads of songs on my i-pod and on my phone. I listen to music on car journeys,going to school,coming home from school and just everywhere in general. Also I love different songs for many different reasons: artist,tune, lyrics ect. However one of the reasons of my huge love for music is that certain songs hold precious memories ( you will see what I mean in a minute).

So I'm going to tell you all about my favorite songs.

Calvin Harris Feat Neyo Lets Go
Out of all the songs I have listened to this is my favorite song by far. The tune of the song is amazing and when the bass line kicks in it gets even better. Also I love lyrics of the song which is all about boyfriends trying to get their girlfriends to go to the gym and partying and life.These are my 2 favorite parts of the song.

 But I don't just love this song because of all this,no,this song holds a memory to me. My friend in 6th form introduced me to this song and its his fault that I love it so much!!!
So here is the story behind it...
Every year my school holds a summer drama course ( we make up crazy dramas and play crazy games) on the first week of the summer holidays. Being a massive drama geek I go to the course. Well this year a group of us, one lunch time, danced across the theater to this song and it was loads of fun ( until we got expensive sound equipment ooopsies)told off because my friend had decided to plug his phone into the 

Calvin Harris Feat Neyo: Lets go

Perfect Two:Auburn

This is the cutest song I have ever heard!!! Its all about a couple that are perfect for each other. The tune of the song is very slow and funky and played on the guitar. However the best part of the song is the lyrics. Its about everything that goes together e.g: Peanut Butter and Jelly. And each line of the song rhymes.

Train:50 ways to say goodbye
Although its not my favorite song I love,love,love this song. My lovely friend in y8 told me to listen to this song or she would kill me ( she was joking BTW), so I did. The tune of the song seems to have a Mexican theme which makes it rock even more. The song is all about a man who's girlfriend has broken up with him. He is fine with it but if his friends ask where she is he makes up a load of lies, e.g: "Eaten by a lion". The lies he comes up with are hilarious and this song is definitely worth listening to.

Example-Changed the way you kissed me
Wow!!! This song is just amazing. I love the tune to this song- its very catchy and funky. Also I love the lyrics to the song, especially at the start of the song ( even though I have a fear of heights and flying). This is another song that holds a memory to me and yes its from the summer drama course again ( only this one was a year ago). We were playing the dancing game which is basically one person makes up a dance move and then everyone copies. The next person makes up a dance move and we do the last persons move and this person move, it goes on and on and on and its very fun especially when there is about 50 of you doing it!!! And this song just so happened to be the one we danced to.

No Change- Levellers
This song is practically ancient and I can guarantee no one will have heard it ( If you have I'm stunned). Also this song would be classed as folk music. However I love this song. The tune of the song is very melodic (is that even a word???) and soothing. It is also played on the violin. The tune reminds my of ballroom dancing and lullabies. This song tells us a story about how things happen but overall nothing actually changes.
Out of all the Levellers songs I have heard ( which is a lot) this one has to be my favorite.

Levellers No Change ( Sorry if its bad quality its the only good one I could find)

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