Sunday, 8 December 2013

♫Its the most wonderful time of the year♫

Its December and Christmas is fast approaching, yay :D

December is by far the best month of the year for many fabby reasons:

Advent has begun
I imagine most of you have an advent calendar. I have one each year which my mum fills with little goodies such as sweets and 20p pieces. This year I get a pair of earrings every day. Also between the 7-17 December I also get hot chocolate and a bath bomb. Now waking up on a morning for school doesn't seem as glum.
My Advent Calender :D

Christmas Decorations go up
There is nothing better than putting the Christmas decorations up. It looks and feels christmasy. I also love seeing other houses that have been decorated. Some nights I take the late bus home from school ( due to after school classes). On the journey home (particularly in the place I live) I see tons of streets decorated and all lit up. It looks magical.

This is someones house I saw decorated while in St Albans last year. It defiantly wins most decorated house!!!

Secret Santa
Every year my form does a Secret Santa. I love buying gifts for my chosen person and then seeing their face when they open it up. I also love receiving cute gifts from my Secret Santa (In my old form a lovely girl got my a silver pig money box and it sits proudly on my shelf)

Although it hasn't snowed yet I really hope it does. I love waking up and seeing the garden covered in snow. Also there is nothing more magical than watching snowflakes fall to the ground. When it snows I love making snowmen, snow-angels, snowballing and going sledging.

Christmas Day
Its the best day of December. I love waking up early and opening my stocking while snuggled up in bed. I love going upstairs to open my Christmas presents. I love giving Christmas presents to my friends and family. I love Christmas Dinner- roast goose, sprouts, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing ect- its all very yummy 

I'm sooooooooooo excited for Christmas, are you???

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