Monday, 24 February 2014

How To: Healthy Hair Tutorial

So are hair is one of our most worn accessories and it is our crowning glory after all. This is a quick tutorial on how to keep your hair healthy.

1.When using curlers/crimping irons/straighteners/dryers always make sure you use heat protection spray before hand. If you dont your hair will end up being badly damaged and will just look a mess.

2. Shampoo every other day ( unless your hair gets greasy very easily). Shampooing your hair every day can cause your hair to be stripped of its natural oils and all the chemicals will end up damaging your hair. 

3. Once a week use a leave in conditioner/ intensive conditioner- Conditioner is needed to make sure your hair is left feeling super soft and looking shiny. So use a leave in conditioner once a week to help keep your hair soft and healthy and to keep it looking shiny.

4. When rinsing out shampoo and conditioner do it with cold water. Cold water flattens the cuticles of the hair and makes it look more shinier.

5. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated keeps your hair looking hydrated and shiny.

6. Get split ends cut off- otherwise your hair will become badly damaged and end up looking like straw.

7. Eat food containing lots of protein as this helps your hair to grow. Try eating: salmon,dark green vegetables,nuts,eggs ect.

Follow these 7 simple tips and you will have healthy hair that looks and feels fab! 

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