Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dedicated To Disney

Hi guys,
       I hope you are all having a lovely Easter Holiday.

Ever since I was a tiny tot I have always loved Disney. When I was little I used to enjoy dressing up as Disney Princesses.Even though I'm a teenage girl I still love watching Disney movies and some day I wish to visit Disneyland.

So being a Disney Fan girl here are a few of my favourite Disney related things:

Favourite Movie: Up 

Favourite Princess: Sleeping Beauty

Favourite Prince: Prince Charming

Favourite Song: Hakuna Matata

Favourite Kiss: When Tiana kisses the frog and gets turned into a frog

Prettiest Princess: Cinderella

Saddest Moment: When the toys are about to die (Toy Story 3)

Favourite Couple: Carl and Ellie
Best Hair: Rapunzel (after the it has been plaited and flowers are added to it)
Favourite Animal Sidekick: The chameleon from Tangled
Favourite Non Animal Sidekick: Tinkerbell
Favourite Dress: The dress Cinderella's animal friends make for her
Favourite Villain: Mother Gothel from Tangled
Favourite Romantic Moment: The love story of Carl and Ellie

Favourite Name: Pocahontas

Funniest Moment: When they can never get Eugenie's nose right on the wanted posters
 Favourite Quote: "Nobody's perfect but you sure are lovely"- Daisy Duck

Bravest Heroine:
Favourite Dance Scence: When Rapunzel gets everyone dancing at the medival festival
Favourite Parent: Mufasa
Most Magical Moment: When Pinocchio turns into a real boy
Favourite Overall Moment: "Paradise Falls a land lost in time"
Ellie: "I ripped this right out of a library book Carl:*gasps*

Favourite Happy Ending: When Rapunzel is reunited with her Parents

So those are all of my favourite Disney things.

PS: There is a thing going round on Instagram and Facebook where you post a picture of a Disney Character to break the negative cycle of pictures,comments and statuses being posted. Whoever likes the picture you give them a Disney Character and they post the picture of their chosen Disney Character. I think its a brilliant idea and I was nominated Elsa on Instagram so I posted Elsa.

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