Saturday, 26 April 2014

Miss Manga Mascara Review

Hello :)
       A few weeks ago my school was on strike for the day so I went shopping. Whilst shopping I finally picked up the Miss Manga Mascara which I have been wanting for months!

What they Say: Miss Manga Mascara creates bold volume with L'Oreal Paris first 360 flexible cone shaped brush that amplifies upper lashes and reveals lower lashes.

What I say: The first thing that made me want to buy this product was the kawaii packaging and that it had the word manga on it. I love the bold colours used on the packaging and how the contrast against each other. The second thing that made me want to buy it was that it has a flexible brush and it makes it easier to apply the mascara. I find that the flexible brush definitely works. Also the mascara does give my eyelashes lots of volume and length while looking very natural. The only slight issue is that its a very wet mascara so you need to dab excess mascara off the wand (using a tissue) before applying. Overall I really love the mascara and it was definitely worth buying. Rating 10/10. 



pink lemonade said...

how much is it/ and was it worth the price? I really struggle with finding the right mascara but I really like the look of this one <3 check out our blog and maybe drop us a comment thanks xxxxxx

Severina said...

Hello, it was £7.99 and it was definitely worth the price, I would say go for it, btw I checked out your blog and its really cool xxx

Charlotte Price said...

Love this post. I really want to try out this mascara now. Thank you for such a nice recommendation:-) Love your blog!xxxx

Severina said...

Awww thank you for your lovely comment xxx

RetroStreetStation said...

very nice <3

x Maria
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