Monday, 21 April 2014

My Easter Holiday

Hello everyone, 
              I hope you all had a brilliant Easter Holiday. Here's what I got up to during my Easter Holiday

1st week
I didn't do an awful lot on the first week. On the monday I was in school in the morning for 3 hours for a maths the booster class. The rest of the week I spent revising

2nd week

Monday 14th April

On Monday I went to Whitby with my family and it was such a lovely day. As you can see from the photo's the weather was gorgeous and it was such a sunny day. In Whitby we looked around the shops and I bought some sweets from a sweet shop. For lunch we got fish and chips from the Magpie and they were yummy as usual. After Whitby we went to Great Ayton for ice cream and that was also yummy.

Tuesday 15th April
Didn't do much today except revise

Wednesday 16th April
I was in school (all day) for a drama booster class in preparation for my drama exam. My friends in my group plaited my hair for me as I play a very nerdy teenage girl. We got a lot done so I was pleased. 

Thursday 17th April
I was in school (all day again) but this time for an astronomy booster class. It was alright as I finished my coursework and we went over some past papers. The bright side was a girl in the class brought in cakes and cookies so we all had a treat.

Friday 19th April

On Friday me and my family went out and again it was such a lovely and sunny day. Oh and the photo on the right was my hairstyle for the day which my mum did for me. Back on the subject we had a day out driving around the Yorkshire moors. On the way around the moors we stopped for a Brymor ice cream (I had clotted cream flavour) and it was just delicious.

Saturday 20th April
On Saturday I went to the cinemas with my little brother to see Divergent and wow the film was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing Divergent. I loved the story line and how it all built up. I especially loved the chemistry that went on between Tris and Four. If you haven't seen Divergent yet I suggest you do!!!

Well that's my Easter Holiday for you all.

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pink lemonade said...

I really need to go and see divergent reading at the moment and it is so good!!