Tuesday, 1 July 2014


     Last night was a very special and exciting night as it was my prom.

My prom ticket

What I wore

Clutch Bag-Karizma

Me in my prom dress (Karizma)

My mum very kindly did my hair and make up for me and she did a brilliant job. I also got my nails professionally done.

My Prom was at Gisborough Hall Hotel which was a gorgeous building in the countryside. When I arrived I met up with my friends and we took photos and I had a professional photo taken. There were also waiters and waitresses that came around which trays of orange juice in champagne glasses (Yes I had a glass and it was lovely) and trays of strawberries dipped in chocolate ( again I had a strawberry and it tasted divine)

Me and my girls

My best friends

At 8pm we went inside and were seated ready to have our meal. On are table there were jugs of iced tea and pineapple juice and bottles of sparkling water. I don't like sparkling water so I tried a bit of iced tea(surprisingly it was quite nice). However I mainly stuck with the pineapple juice 

The Menu
Starter: carrot and honey soup with a bread roll(I was surprised by the soup as it actually tasted quite nice)

Main Course: chicken,grain mustard mashed potato,roasted carrots and beans with gravy( I loved the chicken and the vegetables but I didn't enjoy the mashed potato at all)

Dessert: chocolate tart with cream and raspberry sauce ( the dessert was very yummy and I enjoyed it but I could't get through all of my tart as the chocolate was quite rich)

Now the most exciting part of the night...
After our meal we went to the dance floor and danced until prom ended and it was so much fun. I danced with all my friends. We danced to all the cheesy songs like YMCA, the cha cha slide and the Macarena which even the teachers joined in with us. At one point we, including the teachers, did a massive conga all around the room and it was loads of fun. Everyone danced and I had a great time.

For me Prom was one of the best nights of my life that I will always remember and I wish I could relive every moment of it!

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