Thursday, 17 July 2014

Shopping Haul

Hello my lovelies!
                  With not being at school I have tons of free time so yesterday me and my friend went to the Metro Centre for a spot of shopping.

My haul from shopping

      Toiletry Bag-Primark                      
When I was clearing out my room my mum threw away my old toiletry bag and I needed a new one since I'm going on holiday soon. I spotted this one in Primark and it's perfect. It's big enough to fit in all my toiletries and the pattern on the bag is very cute.

My Sandals for last year where completely worn out and had to be binned so it was time to buy some new ones. I don't like sandals with toe separators( like a flip flop) because it rubs my toes raw. I saw these ones and they were perfect. The material is lovely and soft so they will be easy to break into and comfortable to wear. Also the colour is a neutral shade so it will go with any outfit.

Lollipop Shower Gel- Primark
While in the queue in Primark I spotted this mini bottle of shower gel and after sniffing it( it smells like sweets) I decided it would be perfect for my holiday. I don't want to take a massive bottle of shower gel because it would take up too much space so this one is just the right size for me to take on holiday.

Strawberry and Raspberry Shower Gel-Superdrug
On previous shopping trips I had spotted this shower gel before and I loved the smell of it( this one also smells of sweets) but never got round to buying a bottle. So this time round I made sure I wasn't going home without purchasing one.

I love Strawberries and cream bubble bath and body cream-Superdrug
I had run out of bubble bath so it was time to purchase some more. I love fruity and sweet smelling bubble baths and I spotted this one and it was perfect for me (and its pink so that's an added bonus). Also there was a deal on the I Love products for "buy one get one half price" so I picked up some body butter as well and it smells so yummy.

Pearl Deodorant- Body Care
Deodorant, not the most exciting thing to buy and talk about I know. However my other deodorant is beginning to run out and it's also in a big bottle so I needed a new and smaller one for my holiday. I like the smell of this one and it comes in just the right size bottle to take on holiday so I purchased it.

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