Saturday, 6 September 2014

Whats in my school bag?

Hello lovelies,
              I hope you have had a lovely first week back at school. Since we are on the topic of school I thought I would do a whats in my school bag post.

This is my new school bag which I bought on holiday this year. The bag pack has multi pockets so it makes putting stuff in my bag so much easier. On either side there are holders for the drinks. Also on the back of the bag pack there is extra padding to prevent my back from hurting. My favourite part of the bag, however, is the design. Its all bright colours and has funky patterns which I love.

Contents of my school bag

1. Calculator- Okay I haven't used my calculator yet but one of my a-levels I'm doing is geography so it might become useful then.
2. Pencil Case 1- I use this pencil case to store my colouring pencils and fineliner pens
3. Pencil case 2- This is my favourite pencil case of the 2. It contains: pens, pencils, highlighters, ruler, rubber, protractor and a pencil sharpener.
4. Hairbrush- My hair can get messy during the day so I take my hairbrush to tidy up my hair.
5. School Planner- For me this is the equivalent of the bible. Inside my planner it has my timetable with all my lessons and what room's I need to be in. It has a map of the school so I can find those rooms (although I'm pretty used to the school by now). Also it has places to record homework and important notes.
6. Ring binders- I have different ones for different subjects and I use them to store sheets that we get handed out in the lesson.
7. Sociology Notebook- The only subject I didn't get an exercise book was Sociology so I bought one for the lesson. I use it for notes I make during the lesson.
8. Exercise Books (yes i'm aware there is only 1 shown in the photo)- These books I use in lessons to jot down important notes that I will need later for revision.
9. Book- When I have a free and I have no work or none of my other friends have a free I like to read. Therefore I make sure I take a book into school with me to keep my company and I like to read anyway
10. Soap and Glory mini mist you madly spray- This mini bottle is perfect for school! I use this for when I want to freshen up during the day and I just love the scent.
11. Mobile Phone 1- This is the phone I use to text and ring people
12. Mobile Phone 2 with headphones- This phone is my main one. I use it to listen to my music, take photo's ect.
13. Purse- There is a canteen at school, I take the bus to and from school and sometimes I nip to the shops so I need my purse everyday.
14. Cosmetic Case:
In my cosmetic case I keep: Mints, Hand gel, Hand cream, tissues, hair grips, hair bobbles and hair clips- all very handy for a day at school.

Well that's whats in my school bag. Whats in yours?

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