Sunday, 19 April 2015

How to: Revise

   Sorry for being inactive recently, my exams are a few weeks away so I'm focusing all my free time on revising for them at the moment. However by the end of May all my exams will be over so I will get back into blogging regularly.

On the subject of exams I thought I would share with you how I revise for my exams and some revision tips.

Revision- while it's something we all find tedious and try to put off its essential if you want to pass your exams. Here are some revision tips to help

  • Create a revision timetable: If you are sitting different exams in different subjects then the first thing you should do is create a revision timetable. This makes it so much easier to revise as you can plan on what days you're going to revise different subjects. Don't forget to include breaks and when you have lunch and dinner in your timetable as well. 
Revision Timetable Idea
  • Get rid of distractions: One of the main reasons little revision gets done is procrastination and distractions. If you find you get distracted during revision try turning off your social media and take all the thins that distract you (phone,ipod ect) out of your room

  • Take breaks in between revision: With revising NEVER revise for more than an hour without taking a break in between because your brain will switch off and you will lose focus. When taking a break do something that will clear your head such as listen to some music, go on a quick walk, read a book ect.

  • Create Revision resources: For me the best way to revise is to create revision resources. These can be mind maps, posters, tables ect. One thing is DON'T just rewrite out your notes as this will not help you remember. Also use revision guides to help you. With revision guides buy them under the exam board you are sitting (for example GCSE AQA Geography revision guide)

  • Get some exam practice: After creating all your resources get some exam practice in there by answering past exam questions. If you go on exam websites (such as AQA) you can find past papers to answer.

  • Handy revison websites:
  • My Maths
  • BBC Bitesize Revision
  • MY GCSE Science (on youtube) 

I hope you find this tips useful for when you come to revise for your exams.

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