Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Beauty Do's and Don'ts

    Everyone want's to look the best and there are zillions of beauty products and tutorials to help people. 

However here are some simple beauty tips that will help you look your best!

  • Pick spots: Everyone is guilty of this one (including me) but as you've probably heard hundreds of times, picking spots is really bad for your skin. You can risk infecting the area or ,even worse, it could leave a scar. As tempting as it is don't pick a spot but use tree tea oil or spot lotion and the spot will soon disappear.
  • Share Makeup: Again another one we are probably all guilty of but sharing make up is another no no. It could lead to you getting an infection/ cold-sore (on your lip). If your round at your friends bring your make up with you.
  • Licking your lips: When your lips are feeling dry and chapped its really tempting to lick them to give them some moisture, DONT!. This will dry out your lips and make them even more chapped, instead use your trusty lip balm.
  • Biting your nails: There can be a number of reason's why people bite their nails but it'ts bad for your nails. It weakens them, making them look split and ragged. If your a regular nail biter put the anti biting stuff on your nails.

  • Use SPF daily: Even when it's not sunny harmful UV rays are still exposed. Using cream with SPF daily will protect your skin from the harmful rays.
  • Exfoliate every week: By exfoliating every week you remove dead skins cells, keeping your skin feeling soft and healthy.
  • Get your hair cut regularly: This helps with stopping your hair from feeling dead by removing split ends, keeping your hair healthy. Plus you can try out new hairstyles as well, double bonus!
  • Experiment: With hundreds of online tutorials its now really easy to experiment with hair and make up. You might find loads of new styles that you love.

I hope you find these simple beauty tips useful

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