Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Music Playlists

      Over the past couple of months my music taste has grown and varied. After seeing various playlists posted on Twitter and Facebook I had a listen to them and made my own playlists. So here are my playlists...

My Playlists

As you can see I currently have 4 music playlists and I will explain why I made each playlists and what songs are in each playlist.

Positive Vibes Playlist

  • Ready or Not- Bridgit Mendler
  • Brighter than the sun- Colbie Caillat
  • Really don't care- Demi Lovato ft Cher Llyod
  • Let the sun shine- Labrinth
  • Turn up the Radio- Madonna
  • Happy- Pharrell Williams
  • Radioactive- Rita Ora
  • Birthday- Katy Perry 
On Twitter someone posted an "uplifting playlist" so I listened to the songs and really enjoyed them, so I decided to create my positive vibes playlists. The songs are really uplifting and always put me in a good mood, I tend to listen to this playlist when I'm walking to the bus stop each morning to lift my spirits up. Out of all the songs on here Radioactive and Really don't care are my favourites as they have such a happy tune. Hopefully this playlist will grow even more.

Christmas Songs Playlist

  • I wish it could be christmas everyday- Wizzard
  • Let it snow- Dean Martin
  • All I want for christmas is you- Mariah Carey
  • Merry Christmas Everyone- Shakin Stevens
  • Last Christmas- Wham
  • Fairytale of New York- The Pogues
This one is pretty much self explanatory. During the christmas period I listen to these songs every day to get into the mood for christmas. I made this last year so I need to add some more songs but even though it's only short it has some of my favourite christmas songs on there.

Girl Power Playlist

  • I follow river- Lykke Li
  • Happy- Misty Miller
  • Wander- The Aquadolls
  • Shut up- Savages
  • My friend Goo- Sonic Youth
  • Killer Bangs- Honeyblood
My friend posted a link on Facebook to a blog which posted a playlist of feminist songs (sadly the blog no longer exists). This is such a good playlist and it makes you think how great us girls are and female empowerment. There were a lot of songs on the original playlist but I picked out my favourite. My favourite songs are here are Wander and Happy, the lyrics are just amazing and they have such a good tune.

Running Playlist

  • Lets Go- Calvin Harris ft Neyo
  • Summer- Calvin Harris
  • Dangerus- David Geutta ft Sam Martin
  • Lovers on the Sun- David Geutta ft Sam Martin
  • Changed the way you kissed me- Example
  • Stay Awake- Example
  • Little bad girl- David Geutta
This is my most random playlist as it's a collection of my favourite, upbeat songs which I listen to when I run. It helps me run in time to the music and I can focus on the lyrics and tune rather than how tired I am. This playlist has my all time favourite song Stay Awake and my 2nd favourite song Little bad girl as they have such upbeat tunes and I love songs which are really upbeat.

I would recommend listening to all these songs as you may discover your new favourite song!

What are your music playlists?

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