Saturday, 16 April 2016

Current Everyday Makeup

     For me, the Easter holidays are now over *sobs* and I'm back at college, back to reality.

Over the holidays I bought some new make up,which I've been wearing since I went back to college! Here is my current everyday makeup

L'Oreal Infallibe Foundation, Shade Porcelain 
After months of having this foundation my beauty wishlist (READ ABOUT HERE:, I finally bought it and I'm so glad I did!
This is a matte foundation with a high coverage. However as it's the lightest shade and I'm super pale, it just gives my skin a bit of colour without looking too dark. It lasts me the majority of the day (although I'm sure it would last longer if I wore primer!). I use my eco tools foundation brush to help blend my foundation in and go over bits which have gone patchy.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Finishing Powder
This is the 1st time I have ever bought and worn powder and WHY HAVE I NEVER BOUGHT POWDER BEFORE? Not only does it help me set my foundation but I love the feeling of applying powder (anyone else love the feeling?). My powder brush is super soft and big which is great for applying powder as I don't miss anyway. This powder is a transparent shade so it doesn't look cakey when applied.

L'Oreal stars secret makeup kit

My mum gave me this kit a couple of years ago and I've loved using it ever since. For my eyeshadow I use the pale pink shade which is shimmery. It gives my eyes a bit of colour whilst looking natural (I'm really into natural/nude eyeshadow!)

MaxFactor masterpiece max mascara

I bought this mascara at a discounted price and I've loved using it every since. Its a bold mascara which lengthens and gives my eyelashes plenty of volume, I end up with really long looking eye lashes! Although it's a high volume mascara it doesn't clump and the texture isn't too wet, exactly what you're looking for in a mascara.

L'Oreal super liner eyeliner
During the holidays I mastered the technique of putting winged eyeliner on and I've now added eyeliner to my daily makeup. This eyeliner is perfect as it has a very fine end so you can get the line perfect but also make it thicker if needs be. The colour is really bold and lasts all day as well.

Technique clear mascara

I bought this mascara for 99p (bargain!). I use this mascara to tame and shape my eyebrows as I'm not a fan of defining/drawing on eyebrows (the look just doesn't work for me). I just need one, quick brush and then my brows are sorted.

Benefit rockateau blusher

I love this blusher as it's such a natural shade. With blushers I like a bit of colour without being too bold and this one is perfect. It's a lovely peachy/pink shade and I just need to apply a little bit to give my cheeks some colour.

Revlon lip butter, Shade- peach parfait

When it comes to lips I vary which lip product I use day to day. However I've been using this lip butter a few times this week as it's very moisturizing and doesn't dry my lips out (which can get really dry). It's such a natural looking shade and it's quite pigmented so it lasts a good few hours.

*I tend to vary what days I wear foundation, powder and eyeliner as I like to allow my skin to breathe and it depends what type of day I'm going to have* 

What makeup do you currently wear? Is there any new makeup you'd like to try out?


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